[Code] 15% off everything on the site using code “SGAWAK” 1/19-1/22

[Code] 15% off everything on the site using code “SGAWAK” 1/19-1/22


[Code] 15% off everything on the site using code “SGAWAK” 1/19-1/22

12 reviews for [Code] 15% off everything on the site using code “SGAWAK” 1/19-1/22

  1. Six3sixNick

    I’m impressed with the prices. Handcrafted wood? I would expect unreasonable price tags on this stuff. I’m digging that Blackwood grip, and the reaper stock. A bunch of cool looking stuff here. Nice.

  2. musicman76831

    Any plans on making an AK wall mount?

  3. Krossrunner

    Onie makes a GOOD quality product. He’s even open to custom work if you can send him in the right direction.

    I’m think I’m going to go on head and pick up the AK grip for my Lynx-12…

  4. Amatsukaze_DD

    Can you make furniture for milled AK’s? The handguards are not too different from stamped, but the stocks are very different. I already have a wood set for my SAM but sourcing it cost me an arm, a leg, my firstborn, and 2 months of searching. Just wondering for future projects and friends, ya know.

  5. of_the_mountain

    Just ordered a hand guard. I’d be interested to see a m70 dong or some kind of Yugo wood lower w/ foregrip option. Those are pretty hard to find so I think there’s a pent up demand there!

  6. VenomPayments


    Would the rifleman stock be a 1:1 replacement for the a2 style stock on my bushmaster 20” AR? Or would I need a new buffer tube for it?

    Is the rifleman stock wood composite (and what does that mean exactly) like the commander grip is detailed to be?

    Also, the commander grip is back ordered. Do you know how long it will be til it’s back in stock?

  7. JackEstab0n

    I had high hopes for the mlok rail covers but they don’t provide very much texture, and more importantly don’t feel like wood at all. Looks kind of neat though.

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  9. TennesseeTater

    Do you have a handguard that will fit the M92?

  10. CelticGaelic

    What is the muzzle device on the rifle pictured? I’ve never seen anything like that.

  11. Doobie717

    Are y’all 6 weeks out for shipping on everything?

  12. SkyeAuroline

    Any plans to ever do a complete handguard/fore end, rather than just the rail covers?

    Shame I already put my order in before the code became available, lol.

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