[Code] 15% off all in-stock magazines at checkout with code MAG15

[Code] 15% off all in-stock magazines at checkout with code MAG15


[Code] 15% off all in-stock magazines at checkout with code MAG15

9 reviews for [Code] 15% off all in-stock magazines at checkout with code MAG15

  1. RevGinlock

    I’m in for two, I want something cosmetically different for 300blk and have heard good things about lancers. I got a tracking number within a few hours.

  2. VinnySem

    Somnofabitch just last week I bought 3 pmags and an extra mag for my Tikka.

  3. Dave_A_Computer

    Did a little more digging, the best deals I could recognize were on drum mags of all things.

    Magpul D60 $104.93 after discount.


    Century 75rd AK Drum $101.14 after discount.


    The bolt action magazines, and R700 conversions looked to be priced pretty well also.

    All the Magpul magazines fall just above bulk pricing which is nice.

    HK & SIG brandazines all have the same ludicrous pre-discount price, but look pretty reasonable after the discount.

    Mec-Gar magazines look way to high (atleast for the ones I’ve ordered in the past), and should probably be avoided unless something happened with Mec-Gar that I don’t know about.

    FN brand PS90 mags for $28.73/ea when you buy 5 ($143)


    Edit notes: forgot the last link

  4. namelessNsilent

    Thanks! Picked up some Waffle mags for my Aug

  5. stevethetank

    Just bought my first 1911 and found this. Sweet. Thanks OP.

  6. Dave_A_Computer

    Took a peak at their inventory prior to posting. Most magazines looked to be priced right around regular retail, and wind up at a comfortable price after the discount code.

    Once again the code is: MAG15

    “With great power comes great need for fire superiority”

    -Captain Planet.

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  8. Gingercopia

    This is a good site. They actually had the Wilson Combat grip for my P320 in the size I wanted and a good price after I spent about a month trying to find one

  9. overanalyze_

    Good price for the twin pack of 10/22 mags!

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