[Code] $100 Off Sentry 12 Elite Series With Free Shipping – “beElite” ($1199)

[Code] $100 Off Sentry 12 Elite Series With Free Shipping – “beElite” ($1199)


[Code] $100 Off Sentry 12 Elite Series With Free Shipping – “beElite” ($1199)

12 reviews for [Code] $100 Off Sentry 12 Elite Series With Free Shipping – “beElite” ($1199)

  1. Bobsaid

    I wish I didn’t already have one from my pre-order years ago. I do need more mags and bigger mags for it. I may even sbs it at some point.

    What optic if any do you recommend for these?

  2. Jesse_Blue

    Anyone have feedback on these? They look cool but do they run well?

  3. 0341usmc

    We are bringing back our Sentry 12 Elite Series, and for a limited time we are offering up to $400 in incentives.

    Order a Sentry 12 Elite in one of our many premium cerakote colors, and receive free shipping, a $100 medkit, an Iron Horse snap back, and $200 on a mail in rebate.

  4. cjk1000000

    I really need to grab one of these and turn it into a Spaceforce SBS!

  5. froozen

    I thought this was going to be a safe at first..

  6. metalski

    So what makes these better than the basic Sentry 12? The site seems to indicate a better trigger, smoother action, yadda yadda…what actually was done differently on this vs the base to make those claims valid?

    I like the one I have (well, you all have it for now but hey) so I’m curious what the mechanical differences are.

  7. IAMheretosell321

    Man you fellas have got to offer a ported barrel version with some threads on the exterior of barrel near the end of tje handguard.

    Would make a slick form 1 project

  8. OutHereTrappin

    E L I T E

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  10. borage428

    Ayyyyy aren’t these the guys with the weird thumb trigger AR’s?

  11. MyLittlePonyfucker

    What makes this worth the price of 3 Lynx-12’s other than being USA made

  12. codifier

    I got one of the Sentry 12s (sorry I am not Elite) when you had that kickass sale a couple weeks ago, went to get some 8 rounders but none on site even OOS. Did you pull them from production?

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