[Code] 10% off orders of $50 or more w/ code GEAR

[Code] 10% off orders of $50 or more w/ code GEAR


[Code] 10% off orders of $50 or more w/ code GEAR

8 reviews for [Code] 10% off orders of $50 or more w/ code GEAR

  1. Jstentson

    No deal. They raised prices 10% I had two things in my cart. One was a grey ghost Glock slide. Price before 359.99 and now it’s 385.99. Another was a bench vise. Price went from 143.79 to $153.49. Was cheaper before because price was lower plus you could use coupon Work7 for 5% off.

    Opticplanet proof https://imgur.com/gallery/hrhBFkh

  2. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * Offer ends 7/23/21 11:59 PM CT. Limit one per customer. Not applicable toward tax, shipping or gift card orders. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. **Maximum discount is $1000.** Certain brands and products may be excluded from this offer. Excludes ammunition. Additional restrictions and exclusions may apply.
    * **I**Ns*E***R**t oP*t*iC**spl**AN***e***t *ME*Me He***rE***
    * Works on entire cart.
    * Click the “Availability” link on the item. If it says “In stock.” you’re good to go. If it has any lead time whatsoever, order at your own risk.
    * Code works on products site-wide, you’re not limited to the items listed in the ‘FLASH SALE’ section.

  3. windzor351

  4. Ryframe

    Reminiscing that $30 order off of any purchase.

  5. llsmithll

    sigh… i guess i was destined to spend that money today

  6. buster334

    100% sure your shit isn’t coming on time

  7. GunDealsMod

    In an effort to help users make informed decisions, we have aggregated the following information on the retailer above. Please note that this is no way an endorsement or guarantee of the retailer or their products.

    ###Domain Insights:

    | opticsplanet.com | |
    | Registered | July 18, 2000 |
    | Times posted | [243](https://reddit.com/r/gundeals/search/?q=site%3Aopticsplanet.com&include_over_18=on&restrict_sr=on&sort=new) |
    | Feedback rating | [48%](https://reddit.com/r/gundealsFU/search/?q=flair%3Areview+opticsplanet.com&include_over_18=on&restrict_sr=on&sort=new) (15 positive, 16 negative, 1 neutral) |

    ###Moderator comments:

    We are receiving reports about OpticsPlanet/Dvor’s email or chat systems not responding to users but their phone lines still are. Because of Covid and them not charging refund fees, we are keeping OP around **for now** but explicitly stating that you may not receive your order in a timely fashion. Expect it to take months and possibly a random cancellation of your order. Their phone number is **1-800-504-5897** if you are trying to get a refund. Please send the mod team any reports of OP/DVOR not responding to any attempts to cancel an order that has taken more than two weeks to ship.

    Heads up, OpticsPlanet/Dvor has been known to be misleading with their in-stock notices. Please check the listing carefully to see if the item in question is actually in stock or if it is backordered. We have received reports of supposedly “in-stock” items actually taking a couple months to ship. Sometimes even when it says it is in stock, it may have just recently gone OOS and it will then be backordered and you will not be updated to the true status of the product.

    If you are ordering from OpticsPlanet/Dvor, be aware that it may take a few months to get to you.


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  8. live_free_r

    OpticsPlanet can lick my nuts

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