[ARMOR] RMA Armament Cyber Week deals – 1155 multicurve $144.99

[ARMOR] RMA Armament Cyber Week deals – 1155 multicurve $144.99


[ARMOR] RMA Armament Cyber Week deals – 1155 multicurve $144.99

13 reviews for [ARMOR] RMA Armament Cyber Week deals – 1155 multicurve $144.99

  1. PandaCatGunner

    Great price for good stuff

  2. General_Malayze

    It’s a good price that’s been at this point for a bit. I was hoping for BF or cyber week deal to take a little more off, but no such luck.

  3. jkirkland-94

    Or hoplites?

    Have had a hard time deciding

  4. work_blocked_destiny

    If you’re on a budget but want multi curve this is it.

  5. buck_fugler

    I just bought the single curve and now I’m regretting it.

  6. Eatsleeptren

    I don’t really understand body armor.

    Why is Level III+ double the price of Level IV?

    [Level IV MC per plate: $144.99](https://rmadefense.com/store/body-armor/level-iv-body-armor/multicurve-plate-1155/)

    [Level III+ MC per plate: $274.99](https://rmadefense.com/store/body-armor/level-iii-plus-body-armor/multi-curve-nij-07-tested/?attribute_model=Medium)

    Shouldn’t IV be more expensive because it’s stronger and rated for larger calibers?

  7. Booz-n-crooz

    First plates 😋

  8. TalaxianNeckbeard

    Can anyone confirm a carrier that will fit the multi curves?

  9. _parameters

    So buy two, one for front and one for back?

  10. hellzraven7

    I actually use a L210 for my front plate and a level 4 for my back when i am doing normal training. This balance out the weight of the PC alittle.

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  12. NS0226

    Hoooooo weee it’s larpin’ time baby

  13. [deleted]


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