[Armor] RMA 1092 (Shellback Rebrand) (3+) $431.10 shipped w/ code “JHMP10”

[Armor] RMA 1092 (Shellback Rebrand) (3+) $431.10 shipped w/ code “JHMP10”


[Armor] RMA 1092 (Shellback Rebrand) (3+) $431.10 shipped w/ code “JHMP10”

6 reviews for [Armor] RMA 1092 (Shellback Rebrand) (3+) $431.10 shipped w/ code “JHMP10”

  1. scroogemcduck31

    FYSA they request a photo of your drivers license which is pretty lame

  2. OriginUnknown

    Is it normal for vendors to demand your drivers license for an armor purchase? I don’t remember doing it when I ordered plates directly from RMA.

  3. Eddiek2


    #***I just spoke to AOTAC and encouraged them to remove the “showing your license” requirement .***

    #The person replying to my email promptly spoke to their boss and they both agreed to remove the unnecessary requirement!

    # Very transparent company, great communication, and they have a great future ahead of them. I’ll certainly be buying from them again!

    Screenshot of the email: https://imgur.com/a/no1WcaW

  4. DoYouEvenComms

    Hmmm, just bought a JPC2.0 that these would be perfect in. I do already have issued SAPI plates though until i ETS next year.

  5. scroogemcduck31

    Killer deal, thanks OP!

  6. Chez92

    That’s a great price for lighter Level III+ plates.

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