[Armor] LBX 0300 PC Combo (PC, Blowout Pouch, Sling) $129 + S/H (M81, MC, and Ranger Green in stock)

[Armor] LBX 0300 PC Combo (PC, Blowout Pouch, Sling) $129 + S/H (M81, MC, and Ranger Green in stock)


[Armor] LBX 0300 PC Combo (PC, Blowout Pouch, Sling) $129 + S/H (M81, MC, and Ranger Green in stock)

13 reviews for [Armor] LBX 0300 PC Combo (PC, Blowout Pouch, Sling) $129 + S/H (M81, MC, and Ranger Green in stock)

  1. awesome_jackob123

    I have this carrier and have used it to moderately the past year and this thing fucks hard. Can’t say enough about it. If you’re on the fence for gear take the plunge.

  2. 2-PAM-chloride

    I have one of these that I bought last year but I accidentally bought a size too big, so it doesn’t fit my plates quite correctly. The quality is pretty damn good for the price, fit and finish didn’t have any issues for me.

    Remember to use the code CARTSHIP for free shipping (it saved me $15)

  3. Cold-Ad-619

    This or a Mayflower Assault for $170? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1020529121

  4. EagleWings19

    This is a good deal. The PC alone usually goes for about $170

  5. FatCaucasian

    Are the sizes for plate sizes or body size?

  6. PFran42

    This is a smoking deal! LBX is solid kit.

  7. fruitytrollroll

    For anyone that takes the plunge into armor and plate carriers bc of this deal and thinks “ok so what do I put in these” I would strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with RMA Defense’s product line. Unbeatable value for any budget under $1000. Their 1092s are $550 a set and compete with hesco 3810s that are $1350 and as far as I can tell the only concession is .2” thicker and 0.5 pounds heavier.

  8. Ted_From_Accounting

    can someone explain the sizes to me?

  9. borgarnopickle

    It’s not a horrible deal but LBX is made in Peru and a little more gets you a Crye SPC or any of the other fantastic US made carriers on the market, in a much more modern design than this.

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  11. Alicor

    In for one in ranger green, shipping was only 15~18 bucks for ground.

  12. MyNameIsNurf

    Alright, never owned one. So absolutely no clue here.

    How do I attach stuff to the front of this?

  13. SceretAznMan

    Anyone able to stuff medium sapis into a small carrier?

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