[ARMOR] (In-stock alert) Crye Precision JPC 2.0 Multicam Black (Large + XL) (No flap) $334.97 shipped

[ARMOR] (In-stock alert) Crye Precision JPC 2.0 Multicam Black (Large + XL) (No flap) $334.97 shipped


[ARMOR] (In-stock alert) Crye Precision JPC 2.0 Multicam Black (Large + XL) (No flap) $334.97 shipped

8 reviews for [ARMOR] (In-stock alert) Crye Precision JPC 2.0 Multicam Black (Large + XL) (No flap) $334.97 shipped

  1. flectarn1

    Hey guys,

    This is a small restock of inventory I have had for some time waiting for front flaps. I decided to go ahead and post them up without flaps. Only Large and XL for the time being. Smalls and mediums, as well as flaps, should be coming next month.

    As a reminder, I have to purchase these in bulk at high costs to get colors like MC Black, tropic, and arid done ; thus unfortunately the costs are a bit higher than standard MC, coyote, etc.

    I like to be up front, if you’re looking to save a couple bucks and/or prefer those colors- do it. There’s no reason to own these unless you’re specifically looking for the hard to find colors. These are more affordable than what resellers will typically sell them for on ebay.

    A couple updates:

    – MCB JPC’s and flaps, more in August

    – MC Tropic and Arid JPCs are on order, waiting for an ETA.

    Let me know what else you’d like to see. Pouches? LV-MBAV?

  2. alphalegend91

    Of course the XL is in stock the week after Spiritus restocked their MCB. Been waiting since last may for the front bag and woulda snagged this over theirs had I not gotten the complete setup now….

  3. flectarn1

    1 XL left and 1 Large left

  4. steverulez666

    If anyone is looking for a medium in stock [now](https://ethostactical.com/product/crye-precision-multicam-black-jpc-2-0/)

  5. thornkin

    Waiting for the mediums…

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  7. bloodvow333

    It’s not no flap November yet

  8. KillswitchEngagedx


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