[ARMOR] Desert Digital LBT 6094A – $357 shipped after code “CLONER”

[ARMOR] Desert Digital LBT 6094A – $357 shipped after code “CLONER”


[ARMOR] Desert Digital LBT 6094A – $357 shipped after code “CLONER”

3 reviews for [ARMOR] Desert Digital LBT 6094A – $357 shipped after code “CLONER”

  1. flectarn1

    Sup guys, thanks for the continued support.

    Up this week, LBT-6094A in desert digital. This thing is probably the gold standard in plate carrier tech. For the price, you get a lot that you don’t get in other carriers. In example, Kangaroo pouch, integrated Radio pouches, side sapi plate pouches, side armor pouches, and then bags for both plates and another for soft armor.

    Sized for Medium sapi, or large swimmers. Will fit small sapi, and medium swimmers

    Also , if you’re familiar with the “desert digital” – its pretty much unobtanium and this was a completely special run for me that won’t be done again.

    Need pouches? AOR1 pouches can be had affordably on that well known auction site. I may have some hydration pouches and utility pouches if you pm me 😉

    If you’ve got that NSW cloner itch, I will have desert digital LBT Slings and drop leg Mk24 at the end of next month

    **TLDR** : This is the best price EVER for these, and I won’t be doing them again. Jump on it now

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