[ARMOR] BodyArmorOutlet Hesco 4401 plates, $110 each

[ARMOR] BodyArmorOutlet Hesco 4401 plates, $110 each


[ARMOR] BodyArmorOutlet Hesco 4401 plates, $110 each

9 reviews for [ARMOR] BodyArmorOutlet Hesco 4401 plates, $110 each

  1. WalkTheDock

    Good experience with BAO last year, the level 4s I ordered turned out to be out of stock so they called me to confirm if I wanted to upgrade to their other level 4s that were lighter with a longer shelf life for the same price.

  2. Tenmillimaster

    Is there some discount code? The description says there’s one.

  3. Gun_Bro

    There is literally no reason to buy steel armor.

  4. CplGritty

    Bought from these guys last year on a deal like this and they were great to deal with. Very happy with the purchase and the seller.

  5. [deleted]


  6. commiezilla

    Single-Curve FYI

  7. tyraywilson

    If shipping is included this is definitely a buy it now price. One of the best deals ever was when the hesco4401 (these are rebranded hesco 4401) were 219 shipped from-kota in late 2019- early 2020 pre Rona.

  8. PinheadLarry2323

    They will only sell it to you if you meet these requirements. ***DO NOT*** place an order with these people.

    1. US Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighter, EMT, or any other government agency personnel *requiring* body armor. If shipping to a government building with purchase order no ID is required. If not, a photograph of a valid LE or Military ID must be submitted. Alternatively, you may submit a memorandum on branch/agency letterhead signed by an authorized official.

    2. Requires ID/LOA: DOD/DOS Contractors with a current Letter of Authority for use of firearms. A photograph of your DOD/DOS Contractor ID and LOA must be submitted.

    3. Requires ID/Affidavit/CCW: Law Abiding US Citizens over the age of 21, with no criminal or mental health history. All of the following must be provided:
    Signed Affidavit (below), and
    One of the following:
    A copy of a valid Concealed Weapons Carry Permit / License
    A copy of a valid State-issued Driver’s License
    ***If you are unable to provide all the required documents for your purchasing category, please do not order any Body Armor items as your sale will not be processed.*** For situations that are outside the scope of this criteria please call us at 888-884-2427 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:30 pm.


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