[ammunition] FK BRNO 7.5 FK S95 95gr Jacketed Hollow Point 50 Round Box $60

[ammunition] FK BRNO 7.5 FK S95 95gr Jacketed Hollow Point 50 Round Box $60


[ammunition] FK BRNO 7.5 FK S95 95gr Jacketed Hollow Point 50 Round Box $60

16 reviews for [ammunition] FK BRNO 7.5 FK S95 95gr Jacketed Hollow Point 50 Round Box $60

  1. iron_knee_of_justice

    Honestly not awful for a boutique cartridge these days. Never thought I’d say that lol.

  2. ginjaninja3223

    Using my $7000 pistol to launch chode rounds through armor at range, as the founding fathers intended

  3. smoothsoul

    Don’t even have the gun but in for 1k.

  4. bigfoot_76

    Never heard of this cal but it looks like a more modern Tokarev that’s an even spicier peanut!

    Cool shit, I like it!

  5. dr4gon2000

    We need a PCC in this

  6. zorbaguppie

  7. John-Footdick

    They need to release a crazy expensive PCC that takes this round now. Why are we stuck with 9mm when there is much better options? – speaking for PCC not pistols in general.

  8. TheCafeRacer

    f&#k bruno

  9. Pissed_Off_Cannoli

    So like, is 7.5 BRNO just modern 7.62 Tok?

  10. M11Nine


  11. Swella99

    ITT … more references to a disney movie than I would have guessed. Well done.

    (I’ve watched it twice)

  12. polandhighlander

    What kind of madman needs this kind of round?

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  14. Limited_opsec

    Damn, no flatnose. They have the other two kinds.

    I need to get extra mags too, in case this doesn’t stick around longterm and ends up just a beefy 10mm in my stash.

  15. ATF0PenUp

    Is this place g2g?

  16. killacarnitas1209

    So is this like the new 357 Sig, also a bottle necked round?

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