[AMMO]223 Rem – GGG 55 Gr. FMJ Brass Case 1200 rds-$513.60

[AMMO]223 Rem – GGG 55 Gr. FMJ Brass Case 1200 rds-$513.60


[AMMO]223 Rem – GGG 55 Gr. FMJ Brass Case 1200 rds-$513.60

13 reviews for [AMMO]223 Rem – GGG 55 Gr. FMJ Brass Case 1200 rds-$513.60

  1. nigglywiggly89

    Remember a couple years ago we could get 556 for 26 cents around?….

  2. ConsistentMud2140

    Great ammo. Seller g2g. Tax kind of kills it though about 48 cents a round.

  3. auntTifasHouse

    lol for anyone else who orders; [this isn’t legally binding](https://imgur.com/J11d0sb) in the slightest. consumer protection laws exist.

  4. Smok-_-em

    With tax I’m at 46 CPR. I’m sure I’ll regret it later but I’m hodling for now

  5. pinchecabron13

    Great company they ship fast, no tex and ship to California. While most companies don’t bother they recognize a little loophole for C&R FFL03 holders in California and still ship to our door. These guys are legit

  6. ohnolagman

    Tax… bleh

  7. ZOMGBabyFoofs

    No shipping but $42 tax to Texas. I’ll hodl.

  8. farofeirinho

    I don’t follow .223 that much but I thought you could get it for low 30s cpr. Is the brass worth the premium if you’re not reloading? Never shot brass in my AK or any of my 9mms and only run brass for a long range rig I reload for

  9. I_got_gud

    Bought from them before and they ship fast. Pls by this so I’m not tempted to buy more ammo.

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  11. micmuscles

    I bought from velocity 3 times. Each time the shipment arrived next day.

  12. leumaskrap

    In for 1

  13. RoofKorean762

    Shipped fast, for me. Think it arrived within 3 days and yes they ship to California.

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