[Ammo]1000 rds .223 $326.79 steel ammo free shipping next 4 hours 40 minutes

[Ammo]1000 rds .223 $326.79 steel ammo free shipping next 4 hours 40 minutes


[Ammo]1000 rds .223 $326.79 steel ammo free shipping next 4 hours 40 minutes

19 reviews for [Ammo]1000 rds .223 $326.79 steel ammo free shipping next 4 hours 40 minutes

  1. immortan_jared

    Ugh I need to find brass under 40 to my door

  2. nn1058

    Anyone know if they ship with signature? I’m always at work when packages come. I usually use SGammo because they never make u sign

  3. gregg00sss

    In for a 1000, what the hell

  4. shoot313

    I’m not familiar with this ammo. Y’all prefer it over Tula?

  5. toomuch1265

    Just curious, has anyone ordered from this site? When I see PayPal on a firearm site, it raises red flags.

  6. midnightmk4

    You think this counts as corrosive

    Edit just checked and the description claims it’s non corrosive

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  8. superkuper


  9. twiggsmcgee666

    Give me a yes or no answer: is this going to fuck shit up in a mid-upper tier AR? (Mine)

  10. WolverineDDS

    Will this store well? Thinking about getting some cheap steel to store for shortages.

  11. ultramarioihaz

    Fuck it, been holding too long. Got rifles to feed.

  12. ClearAndPure

    Now that’s a *steel*!

  13. bigfoot_76

    Interesting that there’s multiple companies all importing this under different names but all have the same mailing address.

    * Cheapest-Ammo
    * Best Value Ammo

    Who else?

  14. fart_spray

    *cries in $200 cases a la 2018 🙁 🙁 :(*

  15. 731chopper

    You can get wolf steel 55 grain on big daddy right now for 34 cent a round.

  16. 29palms97

    Sent it for 2k rounds.

  17. wandering_native

    In for one, my Sams gotta eat.

  18. SalemLXII

    Thanks OP, I eat this ammo up

  19. JackLOrtega

    That garbage will ruin your AR…AK 5.56? Go for it


    Let me throw this link on here and I guess correct myself about ruinining your AR. You’ll have more issues with steel cased ammo because it doesn’t expand as much and thus making your bore dirtier and in turn causing more issues with steel cased ammo etc read the link for more info

    Edit: it isn’t typically as consistent as brass and better ammo or as reliable for the above mentioned reasons. It won’t ruin your gun in the sense that it will blow up etc just to clarify.

    Cheap ammo overall has less consistency and steel cased isn’t an exception to that rule. Your gun won’t blow up. Just isn’t as reliable as good brass ammo.

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