[Ammo] ZSR 7.62×39–$310–Free shipping–1000rd case

[Ammo] ZSR 7.62×39–$310–Free shipping–1000rd case


[Ammo] ZSR 7.62×39–$310–Free shipping–1000rd case

12 reviews for [Ammo] ZSR 7.62×39–$310–Free shipping–1000rd case

  1. HeWasaLonelyGhost

    1. Curious about experiences with Zincpoint as a dealer.
    2. Curious about experience with ZSR as a manufacturer.

  2. ComradeHX

    I like how it says AP on the box.

  3. ZP_AMMO

    Thank you all for ordering from us, all orders are being shipped in 1-2 business days, we are at this moment booking the shipments of all orders placed, in case you have any issue with your order feel free to shoot us an email to sales@zincpoint.com.

  4. amberlamps03

    Okay ladies and gents, seems this ammo finally made it from AKfiles to here. All information posted below here is 30 pages summarized from AKfiles.

    1. It’s corrosive, users are reporting 19-20 head stamped primers.
    2. It’s mild steel core which fits M43 spec.
    3. Use code akfiles for free shipping
    4. They said they have probably enough left for 2 more weeks, probably less now.
    5. Buy it and stack it if you need it.

  5. Just_a_Guy_In_a_Tank


  6. IdyllicArcadia

    $334 after taxes for me

  7. Jstentson

    Use code akfiles for free shipping

  8. GunDealsMod

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  9. ZP_AMMO

    The deal is back!

  10. Kingcornchips

    Friendly reminder that by purchasing ZSR products you’re helping Turkey fund the Azerbaijanis to kill more Armenians.

  11. pipelineporter

    How are so many people okay with corrosive ammo??

  12. skla83x

    is this AR15 round?

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