[AMMO] – Wolf GOLD 5.56mm – 47.5cpr when you buy $500+ (Free shipping) – $9.49/20 rounds

[AMMO] – Wolf GOLD 5.56mm – 47.5cpr when you buy $500+ (Free shipping) – $9.49/20 rounds


[AMMO] – Wolf GOLD 5.56mm – 47.5cpr when you buy $500+ (Free shipping) – $9.49/20 rounds

15 reviews for [AMMO] – Wolf GOLD 5.56mm – 47.5cpr when you buy $500+ (Free shipping) – $9.49/20 rounds

  1. WhyInTheHellNot

    I miss wolf gold. I don’t miss wolf gold this much.

  2. IdyllicArcadia

    is wolf gold really worth the hype at 47.5 cpr?

  3. DeepfriedCrustyAnus

    Buy cheap stack deep doesn’t fit my wallet criteria for 47.5 cpr at $500+ lol

  4. baijiu5000

    Quick question because I’m a dumbass: Does the W prefix have any meaning or does it just stand for Wolf? I don’t think their Taiwanese nato-spec .308 ammo is marked wm80 but I also don’t buy that much wolf brass ammo.

  5. ryanocsocal

    I’ve been using wolf gold for as long as I can remember. Always solid. I remember when you could get 1k for a little over 300 but those days are sadly gone. I went through about 8k .223 wolf gold in 2020/2021 with zero fte’s or duds. Solid ammo imho. It’s not splendidly cheap but in this time not horribly expensive. If you need ammo I’d get

  6. trippyshogun

    I ordered a couple boxes and will update on r/gundealsfu so y’all don’t have to

  7. specter491

    Spend $500 to get free shipping and 47.5cpr. FYI I’ve never bought from these people before. Have at it you animals

  8. ghoulgang_

    I miss the days when I could get 1k of this stuff shipped for 25.5cpr

  9. IrregularMango

    This isn’t a deal bruh

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  11. lv_techs

    I used to love wolf gold, it was one of my favorites when it used to be 25-30 cpr, seems like it wasn’t that long ago

  12. whyintheworldamihere

    How is this brass for reloading?

  13. Derpyderbdaddy

    Anybody got that hook up on 62gr?

  14. SkyeAuroline

    Of course it would be right after I get some. Brought y’all another deal I guess.

  15. Monkeyfeng

    Wolf Gold is Made in Taiwan. The best!

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