[Ammo] Wolf FMJ 7.62×39 Steel Case 1000rds for $300+shipping

[Ammo] Wolf FMJ 7.62×39 Steel Case 1000rds for $300+shipping


[Ammo] Wolf FMJ 7.62×39 Steel Case 1000rds for $300+shipping

22 reviews for [Ammo] Wolf FMJ 7.62×39 Steel Case 1000rds for $300+shipping

  1. Terrible_Detective45

    $0.35/round after shipping and tax.

  2. Tittzo

    Bucking Horse has Tulammo 7.62 for $6.25 a box limit 20 no tax free ship over $75 right now for my friends who can’t get a case.

  3. bigfoot_76

    You bastard, I wanted the free karma. Your newsletter must have came through before mine.

  4. opfrce

    Price goes to $6.95/20 rounds for orders less than 50 boxes.

    I don’t really know if this is a great deal, but it was cheaper than anything I saw on wikiarms.

  5. dtownmj1

    The vympel for 310 shipped (was available last wk) or zincpoint for 310 shipped is a better deal

  6. —deadman—

    $49 shipping and $25 tax to AZ? Yeah, that can piss right off.

  7. torchredzo6

    .30 or less seems to be the best deals.these days all in.

  8. RoofKorean762

    Just got a zpap… They ship to CA?

  9. sdre34

    Nature is healing, this is a great price considering recent history.

  10. SnakKeBlizkin

    Would be 357.54 with tax and shipping to pa. Shipping is 36$..

  11. introvertedgunnut

    400 for shipping to WA.


  12. dannobomb951

    I though wolf was getting banned

  13. IcarusToTheStar

    Has anyone used that site before? How do you like it?

  14. FedupWithPolitics


  15. c11anderson

    Out of stock already. Sheesh.

  16. dirtyboots702

    Where’s the wolf range safe ammo at??? Getting scary low

  17. cmorgan2481

    shipping is $60 to UT. fuck these guys

  18. gumby36psi


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  20. jefferino416

    Wolf or Igman? What do yall think? Maybe Tula. New to this caliber.

  21. minor_minority

    Hey now

  22. fern_the_redditor

    I’ll pick up a box when 223 is this price

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