[Ammo] Wolf .223, 55 gr fmj, 1000 rds $399, free shipping ($0.39 cpr)

[Ammo] Wolf .223, 55 gr fmj, 1000 rds $399, free shipping ($0.39 cpr)


[Ammo] Wolf .223, 55 gr fmj, 1000 rds $399, free shipping ($0.39 cpr)

22 reviews for [Ammo] Wolf .223, 55 gr fmj, 1000 rds $399, free shipping ($0.39 cpr)

  1. [deleted]


  2. Sourdcrew94

    Hard pass

  3. Nacho11O3


  4. Fun_Management2589

    Recently you could get top quality 556 brass for the same price through that German MEN deal. I wish I had bought a lot more than 2K 🙁

  5. 60sMan

    Stop paying these ridiculous prices for steel buy brass for few cents more per round

  6. tolstoysfox

    Man fuck this…

  7. CovertLeopard

    This ain’t it mates.

  8. PandaCatGunner

    So much ouchie

  9. silvaliningplaymaker

    Brass was about the same price as this with an ammo can about a month ago. HODL!

  10. punchincattle

    My mini14 eats this shit up

  11. papayakob

    I just bought a case from Global Ordnance for $362 shipped but apparently that site is blacklisted here. $400 seems to be the standard rate on ammoseek right now

  12. ron_mexxico

    For people who shoot cheap RUS )) ammo, what’s the secret to shooting steel and not having FTE issues? Barrel? Gas? Bcg/extractor?

  13. GloryholeKaleidscope

    My CC cycles best on brass, plz send Wolf Gold for this price ktxbye.

  14. [deleted]


  15. JohnnyJumpwings


  16. SrRoundedbyFools

    Liberalgunowners – ‘sometimes it be like that’…‘we’re all in this together’

    Elections have consequences….thanks ‘I’m not a single issue voter’ for bringing this nonsense upon us.

  17. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Need to make a bot that automatically bans people who put any variation of HOLD in their comments.

  18. Bawn-Journo

    Guess the HODL is back?? HODL!!!

  19. romang12

    F this, not buying. I rather buy brass and not this shit steel case that is almost same price as brass

  20. AscendantJustice

    This is Russian ammo. It’s probably not going down unless something was reversed that I didn’t hear about.

  21. Bamooky


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