[AMMO] Winchester Forged 9MM 115gr FMJ $0.32/rd

[AMMO] Winchester Forged 9MM 115gr FMJ $0.32/rd


[AMMO] Winchester Forged 9MM 115gr FMJ $0.32/rd

28 reviews for [AMMO] Winchester Forged 9MM 115gr FMJ $0.32/rd

  1. GraniteStateGuns

    This is by far the worst ammo that I have ever used. Guns that “will eat anything” won’t cycle it. I’ve had cases that were never trimmed to length and not even close to chambering, and some that chambered but were so out of spec I had to mortar the pistol to clear it. I refused to buy this when I saw it on clearance at $0.12/rd (back when brass was $0.20/rd). I legitimately don’t think I’d even take this now at that price.

  2. lv_techs

    This stuff should be 12 cpr, it’s good for malfunction training.

  3. HallowedPastry

    To those who may not immediate notice and it matters to you, these rounds are steel cased.

  4. Efanito

    Imagine making ammo *worse* than TulAmmo

    This post brought to you by Winchester Forged gang

  5. LazicusMaximus

    I miss the days where I got 1000 rounds for $179.99

  6. Memecaliber

    Winchester Forged is never a deal.

  7. GrizzlyVOccupanther

    Ive heard bad things about Winchester Forged

  8. jl56288

    Yeesh, steel case :’(

  9. Brave_1195

    This is the absolute worst ammo there is out there. People want to talk shit about wolf and tula but those brands far exceed this shitty stuff. For the love of God do not buy this and hold out for something better. Even with my guns that will eat anything this still won’t cycle in most of them. Also one time I got case so sharp, while loading it into a magazine it a took a big chuck of skin out of my thumb to the point of I had to stop shooting because it was bleeding so bad.

  10. VisPacmanParabola

    Under no circumstances should you buy this ammo for over .10 per round. All this trash is good for is malfunction training. This easily is the worst quality ammunition I have ever used.

  11. AdLegitimate7176

    This sht is complete trash, wouldn’t buy if it was 10 cpr

  12. WiseDirt

    Aaaand… it’s OOS. Whoever bought these is gonna regret that decision.

  13. fuckingtouchhole

    I did my own test of this Ammo when it was .15 each and the first malfunction was at #1640 on a brand new out of the box glock 17 gen 5. This was good because I only bought 1650.

  14. Ok_Understanding1612

    “we’ll just compensate for our shitty product with aggressive branding”

    is Winchester now an Instagram startup?

  15. urban1alchemist

    Hold and this ammo is absolute trash, I’d take wolf or tula any day over this crap.

  16. CollectionDramatic33

    Steel cased, definite hold.

  17. bleedbreakdowns

    Comes to 41cpr after tax and shipping. Limit one box of 500.


  18. datdude8686


  19. lpm444

    In for one. Nice. My Glock and CZ’s eat this shit like candy.

  20. reddit_eats_tidepods

    Duck all these worst dirty ammo ever comments. If you don’t have 10k Inna cans then buy it up rn.

    U can always practice malfunction drills

  21. OutHereTrappin


  22. Zenick000

    I didn’t realize people have issues with this stuff. I’ve shot it out of at least 4 different pistols with 0 issues.

  23. flagxship556

    Just bought some 👍🏽

  24. JTM0990


  25. Barack_Lesnar

    $213 shipped to WA.

  26. h20addict

    Well I was excited to fine ammo, until I read all the reviews here. I’ll HODL.

  27. netballr

    This trash wasn’t worth it at 13 cpr.

    Tula is legitimately good ammo in comparison.

  28. Truth_Moab

    is nature healing or hurting

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