[Ammo] Werewolf defense ammo in stock. 99.999% pure silver. $149.95 a round.

[Ammo] Werewolf defense ammo in stock. 99.999% pure silver. $149.95 a round.


[Ammo] Werewolf defense ammo in stock. 99.999% pure silver. $149.95 a round.

48 reviews for [Ammo] Werewolf defense ammo in stock. 99.999% pure silver. $149.95 a round.

  1. ahyeg

    Holding for 13200 cpr

  2. PaulyMolitor

    Silver is at $22 an ounce. This is such a rip off

  3. salemlakes

    jesus just let the werewolf eat me at this price

  4. AssumptionRemarkable

    The art of separating fools from their money.

  5. Molerich007

    You could have the bullets made for you by someone who pours silver for about $10 per. I get it’s a joke/novelty, but it’s still a scam.

  6. InThePartsBin2

  7. SillyChyau1

    Those that bought – let me know what range y’all go to 🤡

  8. WiseDirt

    They should make some in 22wmr for weresquirrels

  9. LuckyBuilder69

    The good news is, once you’ve shot the werewolf you can collect the bullets back and reload them. They missed the mark not making them in cowboy wheel gun calibers though. Imagine a .45 long colt or a .357 magnum loaded up with six of these bad boys. Who hunts werewolves with a Glock? I don’t think the fish and game departments would approve.

  10. ComradeHX

    nAtUrE iS hEaLiNg

  11. killdill91

    I already do some silver casting. Sounds like I need to get into handloading and start a company.

  12. Jacobowl1

    In for 1k. Thanks OP

  13. KindaDeadPoetSociety

    Id like to see someone magdump an MP5 with these.

  14. Tuco86x

    Do these guys even make ammo any more?!

    About 8 months ago I sent them an email asking them just that or do they just post pictures of it? Dude had a good laugh….

  15. Emergency_Doubt

    I remember when this stuff was $25/round. 🙁

  16. killgore755

    Barret 50 cal or 80 of these bullets?? Tough choices

  17. johnlennontucker

    Yeah, seems reasonable.

  18. oshaCaller

    If silver bullets kill werewolfs, what do gold bullets kill?

  19. IdyllicArcadia

    That’s a yikes from me dawg

  20. laptopdragon

    From a novelty perspective I like it.

    from a realistic perspective, I’d rather have silver tipped broad-heads on arrows.

  21. PhantomAura

    Don’t miss…

  22. Roundr-Inc

    While the rest of the world sleeps, we’re coming up with solutions to the lead problem!


  23. Individual_Fox_9690

    Where is the ballistic data on this?

  24. PewPew3737

    Put me down for a half case OP, I’ve made plenty of dumber and much more irresponsible purchases alone the last month, thanks

  25. justpracticing

    Thank goodness, I was almost out!

  26. DoubleCyclone

    Just stay out of the woods, and off Garou caerns. Barring a Black Spiral Dancer incursion, you should be fine.

  27. memesanddreams349

    Something tells me that 7.62 and a pressure washer filled with gasoline would take care of any werewolf problems

  28. theelite1x87

    Blade has entered the chat.

  29. Wash357mag

    Chris Rock his answer to gun control is $5,000 per round

  30. rollpi


  31. Bilo_Sagdiev

    I thought this was a bad Winchester Silvertips joke but boy was I wrong

  32. Putin_Pidaras

    I cannot tell, is this a joke or serious? But, ok, it’s 3am.

  33. SnarkDolphin

    “capitalism breeds inovation”

  34. dsg85gt

    Buy it cheap stack it **DEEP**

  35. YourMainManJesus

    They don’t come in 50AE? Fucking clown shit, dude

  36. Gaston_Glock

    Yankee Marshall has been shilling for this gimmick hard the last few days. I imagine it’s his brainlet followers buying this.

  37. danonjj

    Apparently Van Hellsing was fucking *loaded*

  38. wtfamisupposedtoput

    This good range ammo?

  39. hells_cowbells

    Where wolf?

  40. bubblegoose

    I read this article a long time ago on the practicality of silver bullets:


  41. th3source

    Rather use a grenade.

  42. DingBangSlammyJammy

    OK…. So as a novelty this is cool. I want to buy a silver .357 round for my dad.

    But does anybody does this for slightly more reasonable?

    I mean…. For $150 the packaging better be damn nice!

  43. gildakid

    Wesley Snipes is broke again isn’t he

  44. moldyjim

    My dudes, just go buy some silver casting shot like this,


    Dump the shot from a shotgun shell and replace it with silver. Added bonus, higher velocity due to the lighter specific gravity of silver. Maybe not as much penetration as lead, but it still will knock even a pack alpha down.

    Oh, and don’t forget to double tap.

    This is the way.

  45. treerain

    Buy .22 LR ratshot, pull off the tip, empty the pellets, fill the tip with garlic powder, screw it back on.

    Seems like a lot of dipshits out there have never actually hunted werewolves on a budget.

  46. Field_Sweeper

    150 bucks PER round?

    Do they have a 50% chance to refund a bullet if you miss? Hahaha

  47. MoonGoon28


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