[Ammo] Tulammo Range Safe 7.62×39 0.32/r – $320 + shipping

[Ammo] Tulammo Range Safe 7.62×39 0.32/r – $320 + shipping


[Ammo] Tulammo Range Safe 7.62×39 0.32/r – $320 + shipping

11 reviews for [Ammo] Tulammo Range Safe 7.62×39 0.32/r – $320 + shipping

  1. Zastavarian

    Thanks OP.

    Fwiw, yes this is pricey but this isnt the same as the $0.27/rd Tula. That tula’s projectile will attract a magnet. This round’s projectile is not magnetic. Both have steel cases.

    It depends if your range is lazy and runs a magnet across the whole box, in which case both will attract the magnet. If your range is decent and only cares about the projectile, this will pass, the other Tula will not.

  2. YatesUnited

    We are going the wrong way

  3. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    I’ve been holding tighter than a mouse’s asshole, but I caved as I have two new aks and none of the fudd “NO RAPID FIRE” ranges will let me shoot my regular AK ammo. Finally gonna shoot my Fox and year old Zpap.

  4. akmjolnir

    Can someone point out why some ranges require non-magnetic projectiles?

    I haven’t run into that issue anywhere, and don’t know.

  5. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    You guys need to learn to read. This isn’t normal steel case 7.62×39. This is for my fudd range homies. The last time shit like this was posted it was 35-40cpr and people shit their pants for it.

    Read before posting the dumb shit comments. It’s not an amazing deal, but a good one for RANGE SAFE 7.62

  6. Teddyturntup

    Good deal for range friendly

  7. TheBackpacker

    Wrong way!!!!

  8. Bearking485

    Turn around! Turn around! I don’t wanna get on this ride again!

  9. RexBiggusDickus


  10. iamnickallen

    What happened? We were down lower than this last week.. I was just getting ready to get another case but I guess I’ll be waiting. Bummer.

  11. victorconcepts


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