[Ammo] TulAmmo 7.62×39 FMJ 122GR 1000rd Case $309 31cpr

[Ammo] TulAmmo 7.62×39 FMJ 122GR 1000rd Case $309 31cpr


[Ammo] TulAmmo 7.62×39 FMJ 122GR 1000rd Case $309 31cpr

31 reviews for [Ammo] TulAmmo 7.62×39 FMJ 122GR 1000rd Case $309 31cpr

  1. Vettefan8

    $14.98 shipping for those wondering

    So about $325 total. 32.5 cpr

  2. universal_hc

    I have zero ammo and an AK incoming. I have to buy. I’m sorry boys

  3. AcornNuggets

    Hold gentlemen. For we shall reach the promised land.

  4. thegreyeagle17

    Holding because im poor

  5. Even-Consideration55

    Comon two firddy!

  6. EntrepreneurFast

    I hope 223 is following right behind lol

  7. hallster346


  8. TommyMaseratii

    bird man hand rub

  9. Enigma_x23


  10. Superman81284

    This is not 25 cpr…..

    HODL steady men! HODL!

  11. _pwny_

    Better not be any paper-handed cucks in here

  12. netballr

    Only 6 cpr off the last x39 I bought. C’mon booooyyyy

  13. DefendWaifuWithRaifu

    So close.

    Dry fire more, shoot less, and we will return to the range in no time.

  14. SenorPierre

    my LGS. these guys are awesome.

  15. urban1alchemist

    Keep fucking holding!!!!!!!!

  16. specter491

    Almost there boys


    I haven’t been here in a while… are we now trying to drive ammo prices back down? Hahaha

  18. 5maldehyde

    Just as a heads up, this will come out to ~$350 when accounting for the $14.98 standard shipping + tax.

  19. BrambleVale3


  20. ATK42

    Sorry team – couldn’t HODL – just bought a ZPAP and this is the best deal I’ve seen on 7.62×39 in ages

  21. Xqfefe

    I’m sorry guys, I’m a let down I couldn’t hold on this one considering I have absolutely no ammo and this is as cheap as I’ve seen with no tax included!

  22. gumby36psi

    Stand back and standby

  23. Impressive_Delay4672

    I honestly don’t see 9mm getting cheaper than 30 cents per round. With inflation and the new world we are living in. Thoughts?

  24. GingerBreadStud

    Did I just get a boner or did you?!!!!!!!

  25. jimipanic

    Diamond hand MFer!

  26. Speedhabit

    I’m gonna have to pull out one of the fox’s and ruin the resale at these prices

  27. DoitwithSloth


  28. charliethecorso

    HOLD THE LINE!!!!$$!!!!

  29. Destroyer12324


  30. hdmibunny

    Aaaaand it’s gone. Lol

  31. yungminimoog

    Almost there

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