[AMMO] Tulammo 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ $8.40 per 40 rounds ($0.21 cpr)

[AMMO] Tulammo 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ $8.40 per 40 rounds ($0.21 cpr)


[AMMO] Tulammo 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ $8.40 per 40 rounds ($0.21 cpr)

19 reviews for [AMMO] Tulammo 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ $8.40 per 40 rounds ($0.21 cpr)

  1. Big-Buy-7389

    Looking at 1000 round cars this was a price fuck up hopefully they still ship

  2. aves1833

    In for a dozen to IN. After sales tax, free shipping and insurance ended up at 480 rounds for 108.55.

  3. Woodyhaill


  4. RedditJw2019

    Why is this so much cheaper than everything else, even from the seller? Is this regular Tula?

  5. M16iata


    OOS for me ๐Ÿ™

  6. raiderofrohan

    Nature is healing! Came out to just under $0.25 cpr shipped for me.

  7. Tschudy

    In for a dozen boxes with free shipping to IN. great find!

  8. KeithJamesB

    OOS That went fast for this time of the morning.

  9. Lsoutoforder

    Holy crap it shipped today already, guess the ~24 cpr is correct on their site!

  10. TheCat0115

    I got an order confirmation email a few minutes after placing. Just over 22CPR with tax

  11. thefinder808

    Why did I not buy the Mini 30 I saw this weekend again?

  12. StudentofRK

    Went from 100+ to oos as I was checking out. Bots snatching it up is artificially keeping prices high.

  13. EscapeFromWuhan

    This site legit?

  14. JPD232

    HODL! /s

  15. scarface2887

    They prob just had a case or 2 to attract some business but everything else in their inventory is jacked up

  16. meddlingmages

    What are some of the more traditional/available firearms that shoot this ammo type

  17. CrazedCthulhu

    We did it!

  18. jimdougdoug

    Aaaaand itโ€™s gone.

  19. adioking

    Let me know when we are back to this price range for brass, ugh.

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