[ammo] Tula steel 145gr 9mm subsonic $.32 cpr shipped

[ammo] Tula steel 145gr 9mm subsonic $.32 cpr shipped


[ammo] Tula steel 145gr 9mm subsonic $.32 cpr shipped

13 reviews for [ammo] Tula steel 145gr 9mm subsonic $.32 cpr shipped

  1. sdmst440

    $42 shipping to my part of PA. Get fucked

  2. eclipsedrambler

    Stribog R9 food

  3. bigfoot_76

    FUCK any vendor like this that is charging retail prices for shipping. You can very easily see about what they’re paying for UPS just doing shipping quotes through PirateShip. Chances are, the discount they have for bulk shipping is going to be the same (or within 5%) as what you’ll get there for UPS.

  4. Bolt_Catch

    $37 shipping to PA bringing it to 33.5cpr for me.

  5. haufii

    Norma is selling fresh brass for a couple cents more per round, if the steel case is preventing anyone from purchasing some ammo.


    Edit: Norma, not Nomad.

  6. bear141

    Has anyone ran this? Cheap for subs but maybe a bad idea for sealed cans like the omega 9k?

  7. FrankyBenjamin

    Is this vendor GTG?

  8. Nogood58

  9. Limp-Quail

    F it , got one

  10. stevieboyk

    Freedom has brass for this price.

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  12. 100hphd

    In for 1 case of the 145 and 1 case of the sergeant major nickle tula 115. Add insurance to get 641 shipped or 32 cpr. Can’t get reloaded 147 that cheap, let alone factory ammo. Worse case, it sucks and you dump it locally for 20 a box.

  13. [deleted]


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