[Ammo] TULA 9mm 115GR Steel Case (1000 rounds) $299.00 ($0.29 cpr)

[Ammo] TULA 9mm 115GR Steel Case (1000 rounds) $299.00 ($0.29 cpr)


[Ammo] TULA 9mm 115GR Steel Case (1000 rounds) $299.00 ($0.29 cpr)

28 reviews for [Ammo] TULA 9mm 115GR Steel Case (1000 rounds) $299.00 ($0.29 cpr)

  1. FORu2SLOW

    We’re getting close

  2. dabomb364


  3. thenewunit16

    Steel case for just twice the price of pre-pandemic decent brass case…. we’re getting there.

    Still in stock three hours later. You guys are all BIG BRAINED MFERS!

  4. king-sized_hooligan

    Found 800 round cans of steel 9mm in stock at my local Academy for 200something last week. Getting easier and easier to find stuff on the shelves again.

  5. kakklecito

    Idk about paying .30 cpr for steel when 124 grain brass is .36

  6. Bubba_the_Fudd

    36 bucks to ship LOL

  7. gbobntx

    Got some ak food from canoe club last week. They are gtg. They even sent a cool sticker. I love stickers.

  8. gafsmiester

    Please hold

  9. Super_Wenis

    Hold me close, young Tony Danza . . .

  10. King_from_PLATOON

    Just gimme .30 cpr brass that isnt Bubba’s piss hot reloads and I’m happy

  11. chuckisduck

    How are these in CMMG 9mm RDBs?

    Holding as I got enough 9 for a bit, but so tired of shooting 22lr.

  12. smoke2pacsaday

    would’ve bought if it was 9×18 LOL. Instead hold!!!!

  13. tubadude2

    I just got a case of Fiocchi for this much. Nature is apparently healing faster in some places.

  14. HussellCrowe

    sub-30, even just for steel, is a good sign for the broader ammo market.

  15. birdonaline

    Woah, but hold

  16. redclaw05


  17. BigWhig96

    H O L D

  18. netballr

    18 months later and we’re down to double price, wooo.

  19. doctorofsend


  20. HarbringerofLead

    1000 is a bit too much to be experimenting with for me.

  21. Blade_Shot24

    Anyone know if the M&P 2.0 eats this? Asking for a friend…

  22. mattumbo

    Fuck my life, I got convinced to split a case of this with my buddy when it was $.50 a round just a few months ago 🤮

    He’d just bought a gun and had no ammo so I was doing him a favor, but in hindsight I should’ve just sold him some from my stash and told him to hold.

  23. NathanBego


  24. zanokorellio

    Must. Hold.

  25. [deleted]


  26. Dontnut69

    I’ve scored brass case 9mm for 27cpr locally. Keep holding!

  27. Dontnut69

    I’ve scored brass case 9mm for 27cpr locally. Keep holding!

  28. osirhc

    Oof, steel case 9mm, gross.

    Edit: jeez, /s guys, I’m surprised to see so many steel lovers in this sub lol especially at double the price good brass used to be

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