[Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ CASE 1000 rounds 29 cpr $289

[Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ CASE 1000 rounds 29 cpr $289


[Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ CASE 1000 rounds 29 cpr $289

26 reviews for [Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 122 gr FMJ CASE 1000 rounds 29 cpr $289

  1. enclave76

    Local gun store is selling for $510 lololol

  2. Galil_Mai_Raifu

    shipped to AZ comes out to $325,

    not bad but gonna hold out till its sub 30 CPR shipped

  3. urban1alchemist

    Keep holding

  4. GrandCowboy

    Just bought $304.23 delivered. Use coupon “5offJuly” for $5 off and I had free ship, but did charge tax – which why over $300

  5. BigBlackHzYoBak

    Remember when Outdoor Limited was gouging like hell for 7.62×39 steel case?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers…

  6. Tuco86x

    Ammo not for purchase. Just for price observation and to add to the grand supreme records on gundeals


    Eeeeeh taaaaaax 😑

  8. Gregsquatch

    Yeah so if ammo could go back to 20cpr already, that’d be great. I’m tired of these prices.

  9. PresidentOfBitcoin

    For a while there prices were dropping like 5 cents a round every two weeks. Convince me that Im wrong in getting that sinking feeling these prices are the new normal.

  10. JCue


  11. Dumb_Ish69

    Hard pass. Keep holding.

  12. lagoonboyzgasco

    I’m about to dump the stock portfolio and yolo on ak-47 and 7.62 lmfao then the atf will ban them

  13. DontTakeMyNoise

    Still literally 50% more than it oughta be

  14. Shooets-Envy-12

    Shipping kills it

  15. N7-Rook

    Have you guys been having slight issues with Tula? The x39 I’ve gotten has been the only time I’ve ever had a series of a clear hit on the primer but no bang. Only with recent Tula. Wolf, RAS, and some other brand all ran great. Admittedly this was only about a thousand rounds, but it was a mix of HP and standard. All bought roughly within a year failing at about one in a hundred rounds all the same issue. 3 different guns.

  16. GeeWizitsG


  17. Kawaii_West


  18. Kurtis133

    Can’t get the shipping to pop up

  19. TryMyBacon

    I refuse to but for more then .30 cpr shipped!!

  20. Blade_Shot24

    Darn it I have to get the range friendly one!

  21. thejohnfist

    Picked up some Wolf for about $20 more somewhere else. Do not regret, but wish we could see sub .20 prices again.

  22. doctorofsend


  23. CrazedCthulhu

    Is this the same as recent Wolf stuff? Non-corrosive, steel case, etc?

  24. trademeyourshirt341

    This website was confirmed to me by admin that it should be banned

  25. Shooets-Envy-12

    I just bought a case of this for 314 after tax or else I would of saved 10 bucks buying from here

  26. trademeyourshirt341

    This company SUCKS

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