[Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 1000ct – $278

[Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 1000ct – $278


[Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 1000ct – $278

26 reviews for [Ammo] Tula 7.62×39 1000ct – $278

  1. Veloster_Raptor

    I gotta say, Russia is really cranking this shit out.


    I’m gonna need an AK.

  3. StandardScience1200

    Now if only the fudd ass range didn’t think this shit was Satan itself…

  4. secretmuffin

    $31 s/h to FL, so 31 cpr after s/h

  5. Gamblorstronk

    Regret not buying an ak

  6. MrMan2101

    Almost there. I love waking up and seeing the cpr drop a cent every other day.

  7. onewayover

    Nature is healing thank god, I was about to start using my AK as a kayak anchor or tool to swat flys with

  8. GunsGodBeer

    I’d ask if anyone’s used these guys before, but at that price purchase protection exists for a reason right?

  9. Kawaii_West

    I’m gonna cum

  10. Tuco86x

    Falling 762 prices getting PP so strong. PP getting so hard. Soon will not need pump

  11. MT_2A7X1_DAVIS

    Nature is healing. I just need 5.56 and 9mm to come back down to Earth. It’s almost there, but not yet. I saw 1000 packs of 9mm going for about $500 before shipping the other day. Once steel is in the sub 20 cent range and brass is 25-30 cents again it’ll be a good day.

  12. Contortrix69

    31 cpr shipped for me

  13. RagnarShootShoot

    Gonna comment the same thing I got downvoted for before. Check every box for cracked case necks. Nearly every 1k round lot I order of tulammo 7.62×39 has significant numbers of cracked cases, and even if they don’t their powder loading is inconsistent. Personally I just avoid the stuff now and go for barnaul as it is strictly superior IMO and usually only 3-8cpr more.

  14. Bearking485

    Right direction! Right direction! Right direction!

  15. afgmirmir

    s/o to the 15 year old kid in bumfuck russian laboring his ass off and probably getting lead poisoning for us to eat 🙏

  16. rudejunkie

    $100 for shipping.

  17. vagarik

    Shipping is $50 for me. I’ll pass.

  18. victorconcepts


  19. HK_Berettajunkie93


  20. clutz11


  21. long0tall0texan

    Feed my AR-47!

  22. lif3y

    .316 cpr after shipping.

  23. millencolin43

    Oof 35 for shipping 🙃


    *Patriotic music intensifies*

  25. ededdeddie123

    52 shipping… Oregon… hahaha

  26. fght_off_yr_dmns


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