[Ammo] Tula 156gr Soft Point – 1000 Rounds @ $0.43/cpr w Free Shipping

[Ammo] Tula 156gr Soft Point – 1000 Rounds @ $0.43/cpr w Free Shipping


[Ammo] Tula 156gr Soft Point – 1000 Rounds @ $0.43/cpr w Free Shipping

12 reviews for [Ammo] Tula 156gr Soft Point – 1000 Rounds @ $0.43/cpr w Free Shipping

  1. Rausch

    This is x39 and not x51 for anyone unsure like me.

  2. ginjaninja3223

    Are these 156 or 154? The box in the photo says 154

  3. Hellagen

    I was happy to find that these ran through my m92, but i really dont want 1000…

  4. KillCensorship

    17 cpr overpriced according to the reviews on there.

  5. iamrt85

    Haven’t seen soft point available in a while. Cheapest per ammoseek.

  6. Rjsmith5

    For anyone interested, Andrew at the Chopping Block/ARFCOM/TFB [made a video on this stuff years back.](https://youtu.be/-UWA2-ZvXFI) It seems like decent budget self defense ammo. Not the greatest, but it beats FMJ stuff.

  7. taway10215


  8. bigfoot_76

    Fuck SG but I don’t see much use for these. They’re capable of whitetail if you have a perfect shot but expect no expansion without hitting a decent sized bone. There is not enough velocity to reliably expand even coming from a 16″ barrel.

  9. Texbirdski

    This is what you want for potential HD use if you cant find that Hornandy Black or similar right? Ignore the fact AK isn’t the greatest platform for HD to begin with haha.

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  11. CompetitiveInhibitor

    Does anybody have experience with these on deer or pigs?

  12. Zastavarian

    Not Soft Point, but if anyone needs a lot of 7.62×39 fmj. (48,000 rds – $0.37/rd)


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