[Ammo] Sellier Bellot SB9A 9mm 115 GR Full FMJ 50 Rounds – $0.28/round

[Ammo] Sellier Bellot SB9A 9mm 115 GR Full FMJ 50 Rounds – $0.28/round


[Ammo] Sellier Bellot SB9A 9mm 115 GR Full FMJ 50 Rounds – $0.28/round

30 reviews for [Ammo] Sellier Bellot SB9A 9mm 115 GR Full FMJ 50 Rounds – $0.28/round

  1. specter491

    Holy shit boys, we’ve made it. 9mm brass for less than 30cpr

  2. jacegarfieldisabitch

    Your move Norma

  3. indomitablescot

    Nature is healing

  4. hack-a-shaq

    Oh shit, it’s beginning to smell more and more like 2019. Keeeeep on coming down

  5. GabapentinGetaway

    alright norma your turn to beat this

  6. Chase43099

    293 shipped to michigan thanks op

  7. Teufel_hunden0311

    $298 shipped to FL for 1,000 rounds.

    Thanks OP.

  8. uhkayus

    Shipping brings it to $308 to UT for 1000.

  9. DeepfriedCrustyAnus


  10. RyanTheQ

    Had 10 in the cart and OOS when I hit checkout. Feelsbadman.

  11. bigfoot_76

    Well, we’re almost back to September of 2020 prices. Keep fucking going!

  12. FreshOutdoorAir

    Don’t buy unless you are out or are running super low. While this is one of the lowest prices I’ve seen in a while, I’m stacked deep so I’m not going to feed the monster. The light is at the end of the tunnel we just have to start walking toward it.

  13. supercoolmanchu2020

    Great to see this prices come down, feeling real stupid for spending .7 at one point mid 2020 smh

  14. Senpai59210

    “Personal/Home Defense” lol

    I don’t know anyone who uses 115gr fmj for protection

  15. unglued94ta

    302.05 shipped to KS

  16. AugustinesConversion


  17. Johnnyjetson18

    It’s happening, slowly but surely!

  18. Kahamu

    Congrats boys. We broke the 30cpr barrier. I’m getting fucked up tonight.

  19. CovertLeopard

    Stocked up when this was 18CPR. Waiting for it to drop to those levels before I buy more and I probably won’t even need it then either 🤣🤣🤣

  20. lazor_22

    Even if it instantly sold out below 30cpr is a great sign. I’m still happy with my Norma black Friday pull for now but here’s to hoping everything keeps coming down. Need brass 556/223 below 40cpr now too

    Cringing at the thought of that 9mm and 556 I bought for nearly 70 and 90cpr respectively during the height of the panic

  21. GloryholeKaleidscope

    Paid .32CPR for some 115gr Norma a few months ago online and hit this same price the following week on some 115gr Blazer ONLY bc a Sportsmans warehouse opened up local to me andthey had a screamin’ new store promo w/ buy limits. I honestly didn’t think I’d see that price beat or matched this year. Nice.

  22. Quadling

    Want to be angry? I used to be annoyed at paying 3.86 a box for this. 🙂

  23. Perk456

    why isn’t 5.56 going down 🙁

  24. OkExplanation2979

    Bot OOS

  25. Sourdcrew94


  26. [deleted]


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  28. jigji4jg949

    is this site g2g?

  29. WACOtheATF

    $309 to WA no tax but $30 shipping.

  30. JuiceTheBox

    OOS for me

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