[Ammo] Remington UMC 9mm 115gr 350 round range bucket (In Store Only)- $69

[Ammo] Remington UMC 9mm 115gr 350 round range bucket (In Store Only)- $69


[Ammo] Remington UMC 9mm 115gr 350 round range bucket (In Store Only)- $69

42 reviews for [Ammo] Remington UMC 9mm 115gr 350 round range bucket (In Store Only)- $69

  1. ilikepie145

    Wish I had a sportsmans

  2. mjbrown210

    In store only, but 20CPR is the lowest I’ve seen this since pre-covid

  3. windzor351

    Every ammo item on their site says available in store limit 2. And website says they are only supporting ammo sales in store. I have doubts this is actually in stock anywhere. OP – did you physically see some on a shelf at this price?

  4. ranboy9999

    Sitting outside Federal Way WA store, 15 minutes to open, I’ll report back my findings

  5. gamerkidx

    This literally just proves the point. They wouldnt be selling this shit at a loss. Ammo isnt that much more to manufacture right now. The only reason its so expensive is because of the demand. If people just cooled for a bit it would get better

  6. DrKhanMD

    So for dumb me. Is there any way to check which stores actually have this? My Sportmans is like a 45 minute drive, so wanna make sure before I’m driving out there tbh.

    Edit: No love at Thornton/Loveland Colorado sports warehouses

  7. _Interstate_Gun_RnnR

    Just went to two different sportsmans in the Boise area and the guys just laughed at me.

  8. credlight

    Don’t believe this but I’ll wait for someone to show the receipt.

  9. Wide_Chair_9831

    Academy has a federal 400 round can of 556 for 289.99. There’s supplies, but can’t wait for THIS level of prices everywhere.

  10. datdude8686

    Any zip codes have it in stock though? None in my state show instock

  11. azbrock42

    This post is a lie. I am in Sportmans and they have no idea what I am asking about.

  12. poopy_buttholer

    Just called my local Sportsman’s and they don’t have any on the shelf. Feelsbadman

  13. endwick

    Doubt. I don’t think this is a real price, even in-store. I bet it’s just website fuckery. I’ll change my tune if someone shares a receipt.

  14. libert8tor

    Camp Hill PA store says they haven’t seen this in months 😅

  15. Admiral347

    None in the Washington, PA store

  16. work_blocked_destiny

    Holy fuck on my way to sportsman’s

  17. username_taken5345

    I was at my sportsman’s yesterday, no 9mm but I was happy to see that they had 5.56 and 7.62×51 on the shelves. That’s the most I’ve seen since pre-covid, nature appears to be healing.

  18. chinolagg

    I made the trip to check. NOT available (employees claim to not be informed of this deal) in AZ at sportsman’s Mesa

  19. Cult4five


  20. MonkeyWithAJeep

    So has anyone actually gotten this? I have a Sportsman’s Warehouse near me and they sell .223 for a buck a pop, so I’m sceptical here. I can’t imagine this being a real deal, but rather just something to trick people into going to their stores.

  21. Skywalkerrrrrrrrrrr

    No in Everett WA

  22. Big_Gas_01

    I’m kind of on the fence about “must ship to Sportsman” deals that pop up here…

    But if I can’t even add it to my cart online… what the hell

  23. Burke2010

    Closest store: 469 miles

    Time for a road trip boys!

  24. Artistic_Sugar9671

    Look forward to seeing these prices everywhere

  25. KatoLee3

    No news….all ammo on their website shows “available in store only – limit 2”….doesn’t mean they have it nor will it be at that price.

  26. jt_dirt7

    Remington has these listed on their website for $165. The Sportsman’s price really shows there’s not a whole lot inflation due to material costs like people keep saying

  27. Luvs2Spooge42069

    I’d jump on this if there was a way make the purchase online and pick it up afterwards, but I know the lucky bastards who live closer than me will have scooped it all up before I can get any

  28. ToddSolondz

    i bought a batch of this ammo a while ago and had 5-6 rounds with the primers installed upside down. i’d never seen anything like it before. pretty disappointing.

  29. john_t_fisherman

    Do these fire like the buckets of 22lr?

  30. August0Pin0Chet

    Damn , they need to open one up in the greater Chicago area but outside of Crook County ASAP

  31. Limp-Quail

    Don’t have it at my store Tn

  32. SkookumAF

    North Side Spokane didn’t get a memo

  33. bacon_boi

    Nothing in mine but I got a few boxes of 9mm for 45cpr just to have something to show for the trouble so I’ll call it a day.

    Honestly I’d just call ahead because surely this won’t last for long anyways. Pueblo, CO for what it’s worth.

  34. Happy_Dragonfruit320

    I drove down to my local store to see. They said they hadn’t had any 9mm for weeks.

  35. halcyonson

    Damn, I was right next door to a Sportsman’s yesterday and didn’t bother to look. They haven’t had anything on the shelves for so long that they repurposed those shelves for other random junk. Also, I figured I burned all my luck finding .22lr and .30-06 at Walmart for pre-covid prices.

  36. JuniorPie9126

    They don’t have in any of the Phoenix area stores

  37. ElectricalEinstein

    I just went in & my location hadn’t heard anything about it

  38. 3078-9756

    There should be a [Sportsman] flair…

  39. grndlz

    I’m not holding my breath about getting one.

  40. Pew_Jackman

    They’ve broken a lot of hearts with this one….damn in-store only.

  41. the_absolute_unit



  42. Adseg5

    Iam just finishing up an ammo can of this stuff. Looks like I made it through the drought.

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