[Ammo] Prvi Partizan PPU .30-30 Winchester 150gn SP 20rd Box – $20 + S/T (about $1.13 per round for 200)

[Ammo] Prvi Partizan PPU .30-30 Winchester 150gn SP 20rd Box – $20 + S/T (about $1.13 per round for 200)


[Ammo] Prvi Partizan PPU .30-30 Winchester 150gn SP 20rd Box – $20 + S/T (about $1.13 per round for 200)

15 reviews for [Ammo] Prvi Partizan PPU .30-30 Winchester 150gn SP 20rd Box – $20 + S/T (about $1.13 per round for 200)

  1. Tacti_Dad

    30-30 seems to be hard to find right now, not a bad price imho

  2. Pissed_Off_Cannoli

    That’s pretty good, now give me .35 Rem

  3. Patrick-87

    Remington was 14-18 a box 2 years ago depending where you got it, this isn’t a bad deal at all.

  4. Music_City_Madman

    Was .30-.30 always this expensive? I seem to always recall it being available at Walmart and one of the good ol boy, rifle rack in the back of the truck, get it for your 13th birthday kind of round.

  5. croutonianemperor

    Cries in .32 win spcl

  6. Rjsmith5

    Jesus. .30-30 had been pretty much unobtainium in my neck of the woods. This is a hell of a deal for right now.

  7. SpaceyKC92

    In for 5, been a while since I shot my 94 because ammo is so hard to find. Should have got 200 but whatever ill kick myself in the ass later.

  8. bigfoot_76

    Damn this would’ve made a lot of guys happy 3 months ago when getting ready for blastin’ season.

  9. MetalZeppelin

    Pre rona with TSUSA membership I got this for about $12 a box I believe. Still think this is decent for the times considering it has been unobtainable for less than $2/rd for a while.

    $15 shipping to West coast for 5 boxes.

  10. Ill_Net5528

    Haven’t seen 30-30 in a loooong time. I also don’t own a 30-30.

  11. LordoftheLollygag

    Awesome! I bought a 336 a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t find ammo for less than $1.50/rnd. In for 10 boxes.

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  13. boomercranks

    in for 5. thanks OP

  14. That_Baker_Guy

    I haven’t seen a box of .30-30 on the shelf in over a year. Thankfully the last time I did I bought a couple boxes.

    Really missing the Hornady lever revolution rounds right now. There’s some on ammo seek for $80/box.

  15. TC-abcd

    Seems to be a limit of 10.

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