[Ammo] PPU Brass 182gr 7.62x54r .53cpr (750 Per Case, Free Shipping)

[Ammo] PPU Brass 182gr 7.62x54r .53cpr (750 Per Case, Free Shipping)


[Ammo] PPU Brass 182gr 7.62x54r .53cpr (750 Per Case, Free Shipping)

12 reviews for [Ammo] PPU Brass 182gr 7.62x54r .53cpr (750 Per Case, Free Shipping)

  1. NotUndercoverNJSP

    13 in stock at time of posting.

    Significantly cheaper than any other brass 54r on the market, and less than what many are charging for steel cased light ball.

    Good option for people who reload, want a heavier bullet, or can’t fire steel cased at their range. I’d also wager it will be a bit more accurate than ball ammo from other manufacturers.

  2. joseph-1998-XO

    I wish I had a Dragunov to feed with these

  3. Deadpan9

    I wish I had a gun to shoot this with.

  4. NYG_5

    Wheres my fuckin 8mm mauser, PPU, the fuck

  5. halorocks22

    +1 velocity ammo sales. Got my order in 2 days, packed well, free shipping over $100 and they seem to have decent pricing.

  6. pt1789

    This price actually isn’t awful for brass 54r. High, sure, but not awful.

  7. Esstac

    Wow! $200 more at SG Ammo. This IS Berdan primed. All of the PPU military x54R is berdan primed. The commercial stuff packed in 20rd boxes is boxer.

    I ordered some and will verify the primers when they get here

  8. halfam

    Is this good?

  9. pyryoer

    I’ve heard bad things about shooting this from a PSL, does anyone know if this would be okay? General consensus seems to be to avoid heavy ball.

  10. steelunicornR

    How is their shipping times? I ordered 7.62×39 on the third and money cleared on the third, and no notification yet….. Anyone got any info?

  11. Apolopolo99

    I’m excited to run this through my M39 which was designed to fire a 185grain round

  12. MaxKekstappen

    Decent price, but I only have a Mosin and rarely ever shoot it

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