[AMMO] PMC 9A Bronze 9mm 115 Grain FMJ – $17.76

[AMMO] PMC 9A Bronze 9mm 115 Grain FMJ – $17.76


[AMMO] PMC 9A Bronze 9mm 115 Grain FMJ – $17.76

18 reviews for [AMMO] PMC 9A Bronze 9mm 115 Grain FMJ – $17.76

  1. ScorpiaChasis

    37.8cpr for 1000 (including 22.99 shipping). Holding for now but this looks a lot better than a few weeks/months ago

  2. Chase43099

    This looks exactly like lawmans website


    I bought from this seller a couple days ago. They charged my card and sent a confirmation, but no shipping info or further communication yet. Praying for the best

  4. YouWannaChiliDogNARD

    Online ammo is now officially down to pre-pandemic LGS prices: we’re getting there

  5. Secret_Jesus

  6. Sogan88


  7. fingerhoe

    Just shy of 38cpr after shipping to me.

  8. StinkApprentice

    Strongly advise you to avoid Atlantic Tactical. They will charge you for items, and then fail to ship them. They were a good option for me a year pre-covid, but something went wrong with them and they’re taking forever to ship, if at all, and have zero customer support. It used to be my go-to for LEO purchases, but never again.

  9. younggun252

    Seller seems sketchy based on reviews

  10. andrewkpt

    I wanna get some but I’m skeptical

  11. smithgj

    Ordered 5 boxes, thanks OP

  12. BrassEnthusiast1

    Any feedback on the seller?

  13. Excellent-Event-387


  14. Dogsport1

    I know we’re all supposed to be holding out, but in for 10. Got a family get together coming up, and it’ll be a nice change to go to the range and not be constantly concerned about ammo count. Thanks OP.

  15. jl56288

    Does this ship to CA? How does PMC bronze compare to Blazers?

  16. Egall0816

    So I bought from these guys in person before. No issues but only one time can’t vouch for their website.

  17. marc0nline


  18. Corey307

    Nature is healing

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