[Ammo] pmc 308 $.72/round

[Ammo] pmc 308 $.72/round


[Ammo] pmc 308 $.72/round

12 reviews for [Ammo] pmc 308 $.72/round

  1. TheFez531

    Guys the 500 rd boxes are still in stock at the same price. It’s the 200rd boxes that are out of stock

  2. dfapredator

    30-06 next please

  3. fatalchance3

    4 min and out of stock? Are there bots that just watch this sub and buy whatever is posted?

  4. PandaCatGunner

    Stupid question, does .308 win work out of 7.62x51nato (just not vice versa) like .223/5.56x45mm nato?

  5. tcamero2

    The 500rnd package is same price and in stock. FYI

  6. [deleted]


  7. TTTTescapee

    PMC is the worst ammo I’ve used by far. 1.5-2moa through my Bergara when other M80 rounds (S&B, Magtech) group 0.9-1.2 moa. Their 223 is also groups terribly.

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  9. Crypticparabellum

    Great deal. $359 shipped to TN no tax for 500rds

    Edit: Rainier is showing 87 500rd cases left just an FYI

  10. c0Y0T3cOdY

    o0o0o a local store to me too.

  11. rossiFan

    Can’t believe I used to shoot thousands and thousands of these rounds in the Army like it was nothing. Shot them from the ground, from the helicopter, from everywhere.

  12. [deleted]


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