[Ammo] Norma Tactical .223 REM 55 GR Brass FMJ – $.50 CPR shipped + tax

[Ammo] Norma Tactical .223 REM 55 GR Brass FMJ – $.50 CPR shipped + tax


[Ammo] Norma Tactical .223 REM 55 GR Brass FMJ – $.50 CPR shipped + tax

15 reviews for [Ammo] Norma Tactical .223 REM 55 GR Brass FMJ – $.50 CPR shipped + tax

  1. Agentbolt

    This is a bit cheaper than their usual price, I purchased 180 rounds last time they were on sale and I wish I’d bought more then. This is Norma’s good stuff, not the white box ammo that has been floating around.

    edit: Forgot to mention the $150 minimum for free shipping, sorry! I’ve also purchased tons of their 9mm ammo (currently .38 cpr) and it’s also worked great, probably shot at least 800 rounds of it so far. It’s never been an issue spending at least $150 whenever I order from this place…

  2. SirRolex

    Thank you OP! I’ve been needing some food for my new AR bad man. And the local jays is selling shit at 75cpr and it hurts.

  3. Bicemd

    The pictured box says 20 rounds per box, is the 30 on the website a typo?

  4. DontTellUrMom

    I like this ammo a lot. I bought 2,000 rounds of it in early 2020 (for $0.26 a round). Guess I’m in for another 500 at twice the price…

  5. leeeebronjames

    Looks like they deactivated the WHOTEEWHO coupon code 🙁

  6. ominouslights427

    The description says bonded soft points but title is fmj. I’m gonna assume there fmj?

  7. xmonger

    The company is based on Sweden but they state that this ammo is made in the US. Does anyone know who makes it for them? I doubt they have their own manufacturing for 223.

  8. jaybrow1414

    Hold you apes! Hold! Let it go to .30!

  9. DanTheCarbonMan

    Does anyone have a new coupon code? The old one expired

  10. tacotacoburrito04

    In for 1800 rounds. Added 1000 rounds of 124 9MM and some .22 as well.

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  12. thismyotheraccount2

    Is 3240 fps hot for .223? I see that on 5.56, but pmc bronze .223 isn’t even cracking 3k if memory serves.

  13. jl56288

    Dammit, turns to 56cpr after tax and FFL transfer fee in CA.

    Edit: the fact that this hasn’t sold out within 24hrs is a sign.

  14. Shooets-Envy-12

    THIS AMMO IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. das_boost

    I still have some of this from my early rona stock-up before shit went really nuts. If you need .223 and can stomach 50cpr, this is good stuff.

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