[Ammo] Norma Brass 9mm 124 gr FMJ – Range & Training -$15.25 per box QTY 50 – FREE SHIPPING OVER $200

[Ammo] Norma Brass 9mm 124 gr FMJ – Range & Training -$15.25 per box QTY 50 – FREE SHIPPING OVER $200


[Ammo] Norma Brass 9mm 124 gr FMJ – Range & Training -$15.25 per box QTY 50 – FREE SHIPPING OVER $200

13 reviews for [Ammo] Norma Brass 9mm 124 gr FMJ – Range & Training -$15.25 per box QTY 50 – FREE SHIPPING OVER $200

  1. checkoutchannelnine

    ~$15.15/box at normashooting.com with code WELCOME10. Same company, same ammo.

  2. Adventurous-Soft-389

    Seems like Norma has stepped up production big time in the past 6 months and really helped in the ammo shortage

  3. bigfoot_76

    I’ve seen countless people say Normashooting and Ammoshoponline aren’t Norma. While they may not be the factory selling it, it’s absolutely affiliated with Ruag.

    Their street address points you to a warehouse with Ruag on the side of it. I’m not sure how much more clearer you could get that we’re buying as “direct” as a manufacture will let us.

  4. lastgateway

    I’ve burned through so many cases of this in the past couple months. Good stuff. Pro tip, don’t buy an AP5 with a binary trigger in the middle of an ammo shortage. I can’t not shoot it. If I go longer than a week I get twitchy. I may have a problem.

  5. SayNoMorty

    What makes range ammo just that, the lighter loading?

  6. throwawaybelike

    Has this messed up anyones pcc or extar ep9 to be specific?

  7. cfheld

    Is this stuff magnetic, ie. bimetal jacket?

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  9. JohnDoethan

    For what reason is the price increasing?

  10. whk1992

    The IKEA of the ammo industry.

  11. IntrepidContender

    300 rounds of this shot at the range yesterday from last weeks sale, ammo was clean on the exterior and seemed to burn clean. Satisfied enough to dip back in again with the same “WELCOME10” code and free shipping…

    Gotta check the comments for those deals 😛

  12. crowleister51

    bought 50 boxes of this from them just before new years, excepting for holiday time, shipping was fast, and came right when expected. Haven’t shot it yet but can’t wait to.

  13. Smacked_Juicebox

    Can someone explain why these keep getting posted every couple days?

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