[Ammo] Norma 9mm FMJ 36cpr w/ min 500rds & free shipping

[Ammo] Norma 9mm FMJ 36cpr w/ min 500rds & free shipping


[Ammo] Norma 9mm FMJ 36cpr w/ min 500rds & free shipping

32 reviews for [Ammo] Norma 9mm FMJ 36cpr w/ min 500rds & free shipping

  1. neomancer15

    Just a heads up, this link takes you to the 124 gr one, but they also have the 115 for the same price.


    Forgot to put in title that it’s brass, no reman bs. I’ve shot it plenty myself out of a G19, P365, and Ruger PCC. It’s good to go.

    It’s 36cpr before tax, but $20 a box and you can get one box free when you buy nine. So $180 for 500 rounds.

  3. RealitySuitable

    In for 500rounds, thanks op

  4. Not_stats_driven

    Good ammo. I like 124 grain 9mm over 115.

  5. TechnicalRadish78

    site is buried

  6. Infamous_Translator

    FYI if any of you have birthday pricing on midway like I do, you can get 50 round boxes of IMI hollows for 34 cpr before tax. I picked up 20 for just shy of 36 cpr.

  7. ComradeHX

    The other 9mm types(115gr and 65gr frangibles) are also on sale.

  8. flying_blender

    In for 550 @ 199.90 shipped, or .363 cpr

  9. aamike68

    Wow 21 hours later and I still snagged 500. Thanks OP!

  10. Shooets-Envy-12

    They changed the price on their site

  11. DanGTG

    IIRC Norma is the company that screwed Prime Ammo pretty hard a while back when they decided to enter the US market?

  12. Dogsport1

    I know the word is “Hodl” on this, but shooting PCC burns through 9mm pretty quick. In for the special. Thanks OP.

  13. chizzings

    I’m not dawging this companies tactics or anything, but wanted to put the information out there that I ordered from them less than 24 hours before this deal began. The 50 round boxes were 18.97 at the time (189.70). Yes this is a better deal, but they also bumped their prices to make it seem better than their norm.

  14. SirRolex

    I’ve been holding on 9mm for a long time. And I’ve been shooting and training a lot this summer. Finally broke down and bought some, I’m getting pretty damned low. Thanks OP.

  15. 1DayAt_A_Time

    Will prices ever get any better than this

  16. Pacifist_Zombie

    Thanks OP!
    You made my day substantially better.

  17. dre847

    Accidentally made 2 orders 🤦🏿‍♂️

  18. LtPatterson

    Now 40 CPR for 124 gr

    115 gr is still 36 CPR (38 with tax where I am)

  19. Agentbolt

    This is the same price they’ve been selling it at for awhile now. I purchased 400 rounds (didn’t know about the buy 9, get 1 deal) at 10 am on September 14th and it shipped out today, so they’re getting orders out the door pretty quickly.

  20. GloryholeKaleidscope

    $190.70 for 500rds of 115gr or .38CPR to MI , thanks OP!

  21. okbecuzuknoimn

    Thanks OP good find

  22. Tuco86x

    I am from the future. Don’t buy this u/marcelolopezjr. They will fuck your order all up

  23. oreo1298

    ~~Tax~~ Theft brings it up to about 39cpr in Texas, hodl

  24. dirtyboots702

    Good pew….poopy price

  25. dontblink182


    tried, website is frozen, fucking gave up. luckily don’t need it.

    you think they’d have prepped for the extra traffic

  26. zekdd

    Academy was selling this for 16.99 per box.

  27. AFTDivision

    Didnt want to, but had to. Down to my last couple hundred

  28. GloryholeKaleidscope

    Has anyone ordered from this vendor lately?? Im wondering after seeing the “C19 is delaying orders” how long shipping on 1k rounds would be??

  29. Shooets-Envy-12

    It’s free shipping with 50 dolllars or more not 500 rounds

  30. DogFacedPOS

    Do they still have an active code for 5% off?

  31. Bamooky

    Thanks OP, just got some.

  32. warnurchildren

    Right on. Thanks dude. Grabbed 10 boxes (plus one free).

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