[Ammo] Norma 9MM 124 grain FMJ ~32 CPR Code “2022” + Free Shipping Over $150

[Ammo] Norma 9MM 124 grain FMJ ~32 CPR Code “2022” + Free Shipping Over $150


[Ammo] Norma 9MM 124 grain FMJ ~32 CPR Code “2022” + Free Shipping Over $150

37 reviews for [Ammo] Norma 9MM 124 grain FMJ ~32 CPR Code “2022” + Free Shipping Over $150

  1. RecalcitrantExponent

    It takes 9 boxes to break the $150 free shipping mark

  2. jonuggs

    I don’t know who this Norma chick is, but she’s bleeding my wallet dry.

  3. 29palms97

    Good stuff, I bought 2k of their whitebox 124g 9mm- I’ve really been enjoying it.

  4. DeepfriedCrustyAnus

    Code is for other ammo too, including 223

  5. AmistosoPhoto

    $331.05 to Fort Worth TX.

  6. DakPresglock

    Why is ammo creeping back up again? Not by a lot just by 1-2 cpr. Noticed this with 7.62 as well

  7. JPD232

    How’s Norma quality compared to junk like WWB?

  8. unknown_name

    In for 10 boxes of 9mm and 2 boxes of 7.62. Don’t want to buy bulk until I figure out anything it may not like!

    Edit: I see they won’t start processing orders until Jan 3rd. Does anyone with experience have an idea of when I can expect it at my door?

  9. weebasaurus-rex

    Heads up. I bought this deal last week direct from this site too

    Their shipping packing job is horrendous. Everything came to me loose and out of it’s boxes. Yes I get that ups/USPS toss this shit around. But in all other cases of online ammo sales. I got my ammo bundled well….

    I had to spend half an hour getting all the loose ammo back in it’s box



  10. timefan

    Will 9mm ever be under 30 cpr again?

  11. TheHebrewHammer28

    Bought 9 boxes at $15.29/box. I’ve been seeing $17/box or more for most 9mm lately, so jumped on it. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. halorocks22

    I love norma

  13. Herb-Maiestro

    Sent it. 20 boxes babyyy

  14. MechaTrogdor

    I wanna say Norma is forcing prices down but it’s like no one else even wants to compete. Norma all alone down here on the regular.

  15. Logizyme

    I’m still waiting on a bunch of ammo I ordered mid-November from these guys. Great prices but it’s been a headache trying to actually get everything I paid for. I order case amounts and they still just throw loose boxes in to the shipping boxes.

  16. GhonJotti

    How does this compare to NATO spec?

  17. Tylerjb4

    What’s the point of 124g?

  18. superkuper

    Norma pistol ammo has been great for me. Norma 5.56 is disappointingly poor accuracy but at least the brass is good to reload.

  19. princeoinkins

    In for 20. Scorpion needs food

  20. TheCoon96

    In for 20 I’ve been waiting on a decent price for 124g

  21. Dondarhosen

    Ordered 10 boxes right before Christmas.

    FedEx says they dropped it off at my front door on the 23rd, without requiring a signature. I got back in town on the 27th and my ammo was nowhere to be found.

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  23. senior__chief

    In for 9. Thx

  24. mike2182

    They are still charging tax to wv

  25. MyGFLikes2SneezeOnMe

    Is this magnetic?

  26. bjjcripple

    Snagged 400 rounds of 9 and 600 of 223

    Not the greatest deal with tax but not the worst either

  27. Running102

    ….well….I bought more. In for 750 .223 and 200 9mm. Piling up for training and it’s a somewhat good deal.

  28. war_for_peace

    in for 10

  29. what-would-reddit-do

    Hug of death?

  30. portland_jc

    Went to a LGS that was selling this for $30 a box today 🤦🏽‍♂️

  31. dirtyboots702

    Tax puts this at around 35cpr…not there yet but getting better

  32. keplermikebee

    “Norma? Never met her!”

  33. supermotojunkie69

    Ordered 8 boxes of 6.5 creedmoor arrived in 1 week all well packaged.

  34. supermotojunkie69

    6.5 creedmoor 140gr shoots ~1” groups out of Tikka t3. Doesn’t shoot nearly as well as hornady hunter precision 143gr. Hunter precision shoots sub moa 5 shot groups.

  35. loserfisted

    9mm needs to be 18 cpr again. Like for realz

  36. kasukeo

    Bought 10, 33.67cpr after tax to WA state.

  37. DrKDB

    I’ll bite. No tax to FL. Thanks.

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