[Ammo] Norma 5.56 NATO 62 gr FMJ 46cpr pre-tax Free Shipping over $200

[Ammo] Norma 5.56 NATO 62 gr FMJ 46cpr pre-tax Free Shipping over $200


[Ammo] Norma 5.56 NATO 62 gr FMJ 46cpr pre-tax Free Shipping over $200

22 reviews for [Ammo] Norma 5.56 NATO 62 gr FMJ 46cpr pre-tax Free Shipping over $200

  1. YooserNahme

    I see a brown tip and I want it painted green.

  2. MasterWarChief

    Be aware this is “green tip” ammo just not painted green.

  3. stevennnnn_

    I ended up buying 500 rds for 49cpr after taxes and free shipping

  4. rollingsherman

    Lucky for me, my gun eats steel case .223 just fine. So thats what I shoot.

  5. notdwayne

    Using a 10 digit zip code eliminates taxes.

  6. TheChance916

    Raised free shipping threshold to $200

    Bucking horse doing the same already / soon

  7. codifier

    Ordered a case the 19th, shipped next day, showed up today albeit FedEx had a delay it was supposed to be here yesterday. Had Tamper Tape around the box, not sure if that’s standard practice or they had problems with boxes coming up missing in transit. Cartridges look good, headstamped Norma.

    Not cheap, but what is in this market. Satisfied with price, shipping, and so far quality looks good.

  8. Yar11

    Norma ammo is fantastic and this vendor is GTG

  9. ohios27

    What’s the best way to load a mag using their plastic striper clips? I’ve heard the metal spoons don’t work?

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  11. Schytzo

    I want this but in a soft point so I can shoot at ranges. Used to shoot the Frontier FR280s but I can’t find soft point anything nowadays.

  12. SillyChyau1

    When did they start charging tax?

  13. Wiggie49

    that was close, I almost bought 500rds of ammo I can’t use at any of my local ranges lol

  14. ruthlesswickit023

    Don’t buy it, still over priced.

  15. Sgt_Sodomy

    there’s so many people trying to buy, the website is basically getting DDoS’ed.

  16. there_is-no-spoon

    Hearing bad news out of shot show. Ammo market in 2022 taking a big turn for the worse.

  17. cookiemanluvsu


  18. JdoesDDR

    I love Norma so much

  19. ScHoolboy_QQ

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but can you shoot this at most standard indoor gun ranges?

    My local range says this about ammo:

    >Armor piercing, steel core, bi-metal jackets, tracer or incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

    I see this is FMJ so I think I’m good?

  20. f0rf0r

    petition to force fudd ranges to let you shoot m855

  21. JunkbaII

    I laughed at the ad thinking the retailer had failed at the common Sweden = Switzerland misnomer. Then realized I’m an idiot when I said it was produced in cooperation with RUAG

  22. echocall2

    Does this need to be posted every three days?

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