[AMMO] Hornady Black 7.62×39 123 Grain SST 20 Rounds for $28.99

[AMMO] Hornady Black 7.62×39 123 Grain SST 20 Rounds for $28.99


[AMMO] Hornady Black 7.62×39 123 Grain SST 20 Rounds for $28.99

17 reviews for [AMMO] Hornady Black 7.62×39 123 Grain SST 20 Rounds for $28.99

  1. Thug_Life_Fudd

    My AK only shoots steel. You let them get the good stuff, next thing you know they’re asking for cleaning after every range session.

  2. SenorPierre

    >barrel test length 20 inches

    the fuck are they using, an RPK to test?

  3. Vivid_Mention6139

    Not a great price, but this stuff has been unobtanium for a while even on gunbroker.

  4. bigolswole

    It works exceptionally well on deer.

  5. wakablakasaka

    Dumped my 7.62×39 because I heard you had to order this round through the catalogue lmfao!

  6. EnzoGorlami42

    Any one have a promo code?

  7. dtownmj1

    The real steal was when these came in steel casing and was like $35 for 50 rounds at academy. I recently bought out another persons hoard of this stuff for pre pandemic price – they are great to use on deer

  8. agaricide

    This website is a total piece of shit.

    Account setup sucks cock, the checkout system broke, the inventory system doesn’t work. Fucking hell, I tried to give them my money but fuck me I guess.

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  10. BlasterfieldChester

    I have been looking for more of this stuff for so long. Thanks man! Shoots great out of my WBP Fox and I plan to try and take a deer with it.

  11. santaclaws351

    Oh, the pain of not knowing whether they’ll ship to NY.

  12. MRG0815

    Would this be a good ammo type for a short ak like sam7k?

  13. sparkygriswold1986

    Not a bad price. I didn’t pay this price pre-Rona. Not even sure what I paid, but I have lots of boxes of this stuff.

  14. [deleted]


  15. akmjolnir

    If this was a little cheaper I’d buy some to stash. I’m guessing it does fine from a 16″ barrel.

  16. Baxterftw

    Maybe one day these will be as cheap as Russian soft points.

  17. adlep2002

    Seems like a total overkill for an ak

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