[Ammo] Hornady 55gr FMJ .223 $12 ($0.60/rd)

[Ammo] Hornady 55gr FMJ .223 $12 ($0.60/rd)


[Ammo] Hornady 55gr FMJ .223 $12 ($0.60/rd)

15 reviews for [Ammo] Hornady 55gr FMJ .223 $12 ($0.60/rd)

  1. victorconcepts


  2. Head-Ingenuity-4330

    Still cost twice as much as I’m going to pay

  3. Wfdeacon88

    NO. STOP buying ammo online for 2 months, then watch prices collapse.

  4. RexBiggusDickus

    Diamond hands you retards!

  5. steveotron

    For what it’s worth, I bought a few boxes of this ammo last year (I think it was only $6.99) and had no issues running it. I don’t doubt the accounts of those people that had serious issues with the ammo back then, but it’s possible by now whatever the issue was has been sorted out.

  6. ems2doc

    I’ve got some 556 55gr from them that I bought a few months back

    Chances that that will make my AR go boom? You guys got me worried now

  7. Tuco86x


  8. accadacca80

    I bought some of this at Sportsmans Warehouse early pandemic. It runs really hot… at least in my Mini-14 it did.

  9. ilikepie145

    Got some of this for $10 recently in store

  10. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    What’s the deal with Frontier being considered crap?

    I can’t believe anything Hornady has their name on could go with such a bad reputation for so long.

  11. cowboyhatmatrix

    It’s nothing like the Before Times, but this is a better deal than I’ve seen in the last few weeks. Seems like you can buy a good few as well. Ground shipping only ofc

  12. NPSgator

    Rifle go boom

  13. OutHereTrappin

    Friends don’t let friends buy Frontier.

  14. WanderingBuddha

    Related question .. how would this compare to Hornady Black 62gr @ $15 a box?

  15. FirelordJohnny

    I bought some. I listened to you fools last time. “ diamond hands bro” I haven’t been to the range or bought ammo in 6 months and prices are still the same.

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