[AMMO] Federal 38 Special +P 158gr NYCLAD SWC-HP @ $0.90pr

[AMMO] Federal 38 Special +P 158gr NYCLAD SWC-HP @ $0.90pr


[AMMO] Federal 38 Special +P 158gr NYCLAD SWC-HP @ $0.90pr

7 reviews for [AMMO] Federal 38 Special +P 158gr NYCLAD SWC-HP @ $0.90pr

  1. spur0701

    This is essentially the venerable “FBI” load. You can see ballistics at:


    Pre-rona I remember it being about .50 a round but I’ve always loaded my own using HS-6 and Speer bullets for around .10-.12 a round….but that’s with components that were pre-rona prices.

  2. blueberrysteven

    Looks like someone raided grandad’s basement.

  3. GhostOfRuhl

    I’m just shocked that they’re still making nyclad ammo

  4. Night_Nine

    How dafaq is 7.62 m80 ball and m193/m855 currently cheaper, got DAYUM. The prices are going back to normal but backwards lmao

  5. RobbKyro

    My .38 hadn’t been shot in so long. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any time soon. These prices…

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  7. maxout2142

    With double stack micros I don’t really get why anyone would chose a .38 anymore for defense. I dont know why they did 10 years ago for that matter.

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