[AMMO] Federal 150gr 9mm Syntech $19.99/50

[AMMO] Federal 150gr 9mm Syntech $19.99/50


[AMMO] Federal 150gr 9mm Syntech $19.99/50

10 reviews for [AMMO] Federal 150gr 9mm Syntech $19.99/50

  1. ProfessorGoofBall

    Just popping in to say I’ve have the worst failure-to-chamber problems with these vs any other ammo before. Literally 1:20 fail rate. Doesn’t seem to matter the gun. They have a little bulge sometimes around the bullet at the case mouth – real f’n annoying.

  2. pipandhams

    My favorite suppressor ammo.

  3. dionyszenji

    Weird. Bi-Mart has these locally for less.

  4. Miisterii

    Good luck you bastards I secured my 1,000rds

  5. echocall2

    Fuckin rip I just ordered 147gr american eagle yesterday. At least shipping was free


  6. Future_Tap_1150

    Anyone have a code for free freight?

  7. Apocuhlips

    Would these be similar to hollowpoints, as far as feeding issues go? I have a stribog and heard it has problems feeding hollows

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  9. Jakezilla


  10. alphajpk

    Not a deal.

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