[AMMO] CCI Blazer Brass 9MM Luger 115gr FMJ ($80 for 250rnd – .32CPR shipped) Use Coupons: “FREE2021” AND “BF5200”

[AMMO] CCI Blazer Brass 9MM Luger 115gr FMJ ($80 for 250rnd – .32CPR shipped) Use Coupons: “FREE2021” AND “BF5200”


[AMMO] CCI Blazer Brass 9MM Luger 115gr FMJ ($80 for 250rnd – .32CPR shipped) Use Coupons: “FREE2021” AND “BF5200”

41 reviews for [AMMO] CCI Blazer Brass 9MM Luger 115gr FMJ ($80 for 250rnd – .32CPR shipped) Use Coupons: “FREE2021” AND “BF5200”

  1. iXidol

    No tax. Free shipping with coupon code “FREE2021”
    Must also use coupon code “BF5200”

  2. she_said_its_fine

    Along with the ammo shop online this is my favorite site to buy ammo these days. In for 2 cans!

  3. Penny4TheGuy

    I bought this can last time when they were only on sale for $90. These guys are G2G

  4. B4njoneil

    Bought 2, 1 for me and 1 for an early Xmas gift to new gun owner friend

  5. NYG_5

    Fucking godammit they even have .40 on sale for about 40cpr. i gotta get off this sub

  6. MrLoid

    Got 2 of these, best deal I’ve seen in a minute.

  7. ilikepie145

    Nice deal. $16 for 50 rounds is lowest I’ve seen in a while. In for 1 can. Thanks OP

  8. Mammoth-Elk-2191

    Just bought 500 rounds. $160 shipped to Florida, thanks.

  9. awesome_jackob123

    You people need to stay away from me and my wallet.

  10. ThisSite-Sucks

    Just got the 2nd to last one.

    Edit: I just have to say thank you to Bucking Horse Outpost. I’ve probably got $400 in ammo over the last few months from these guys and they have fair prices, good and fast shipping, and they give you ammo cans.

  11. globosingentes

    Curious why they don’t ship to NJ. Not that I can blame them since I want nothing to do with this shithole state and I live here. I see no legal reason why they couldn’t, though.

  12. bpluribusunum

    In for a couple cans – much appreciated OP

  13. Summonest

    .32 cpr?
    I’m still holding and hoping.

  14. BrambleVale3

    Tempting but I’m plagued by the idea that actual Black Friday deals will be lower.

  15. Eleet007

    In for 2, no tax to FL makes this the best deal right now.

  16. Mike_Littorus

    Tried to order 2 but it said my order failed even though my card was still charged… anyone else?

  17. tommyfolk

    Thanks! I picked up a can.

  18. Wired203

    Thanks picked up a set.

  19. Stubeezy

    Any reason they don’t ship to RI? Seems strange to me.

  20. 1337BlueGhost

    Thanks OP gonna need these with all these sweet P80 black Friday deals

  21. Thee_Analyst

    Thank you OP, also got a great price on 250rnds of 147gr HydraShok(Federal) at 48cpr for JHP.
    All with free ship. 🤙

  22. TheModernAlcoholist

    Thankfully ammoshoppnline ships to Illinois, so tired of retailers excluding an entire state because of one city.

  23. clearedmycookies

    A minute too late, and a buck short. for me it seems. The coupon was “used” too many times and is now invalid.

  24. PaMetal

    Thank you I try and avoid paying taxes to the commonwealth

  25. shadytinh

    In for two, thanks buddy

  26. SilentMayority

    in for 1 to shoot with my dad, thanks OP!

  27. SmokyCrockett

    Added an additional box of 124g for a total of $97 for 300 rounds shipped. Not bad if you consider the ammo box is at least $10.

  28. Law597

    Got two tq

  29. KeithJamesB

    Seems to be going in and out of stock. Just keep on hitting the place order button till it goes through. Loved this sub, my wallet and wife, not so much. Thanks for the codes.

  30. jl56288

    Doesn’t ship to California, damn.

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  32. TheWanterpreneur

    Thanks, Brought one.
    Note: They require account creation to track the coupon usage. So decide if you want one or two cans and then place one order.

  33. ChickenLips69-

    Just picked one up , yessir thank you

  34. rockstar504

    OOS. Someone bought the last one as I tried to add to my cart.

  35. Baboonslayer323

    Good deal but doesn’t ship to NJ.

  36. DaNYBigDogg

    No ship to NY…damn.

  37. Xoviet

    I think I got the last 250 rounds, thanks OP!

  38. Wentz4MVP

    No shipping to IL and I don’t live in Cook County – Aurora or Deerfield.


  39. Kenyon417

    Let’s get 147gr to this price then I’d BIN.

  40. xboxeater


  41. Ammo_Cat

    Was getting down to my last 15K SHTF rounds… Thanks ordered some so I do not have to break into the stash…

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