[AMMO] BVA 7.62×39 Ammunition 1000 Rounds 124 Grain FMJBT Steel Case by Vympel – FREE SHIPPING ($329.49 for 1k rounds)

[AMMO] BVA 7.62×39 Ammunition 1000 Rounds 124 Grain FMJBT Steel Case by Vympel – FREE SHIPPING ($329.49 for 1k rounds)


[AMMO] BVA 7.62×39 Ammunition 1000 Rounds 124 Grain FMJBT Steel Case by Vympel – FREE SHIPPING ($329.49 for 1k rounds)

35 reviews for [AMMO] BVA 7.62×39 Ammunition 1000 Rounds 124 Grain FMJBT Steel Case by Vympel – FREE SHIPPING ($329.49 for 1k rounds)

  1. gundealsgopnik

    Ordered a couple cases last time it was posted.
    Got them a week or so later. Ammo was nicely wrapped and packed, still in the packaging from “Vympel” – down to the Russian inspection slip.

    Edit: In for another case.
    Edit 2: Just got my FedEx shipping notification. Two hours after placing order.

  2. twowords_number

    In for 1, even if 7.62×39 does drop below 30 cpr, what am I saving, like 30-40 bucks? I’ll hedge my bets lol

  3. demo0610

    I didn’t put a direct link to the 7.62×39 because for some weird reason, it wouldn’t add to cart. However, when I added to cart on the main rifle ammo page from the link in the post above, it did add to cart. Hope that makes sense.

    This isn’t as cheap as it was when posted November/December, but one of the better ones currently.

    I also am not charged any tax at all (I think it’s no tax outside Florida).

  4. davidjq72

    Wish they had some 5.45 too

  5. Gingercopia

    I’m in FL so FYI for any other Floridians, there’s $23.06 tax added, still free shipping.

    Brings it to $352.55 shipped, so 35cpr. I wonder if I can call and pickup since they’re about 35 minutes away from me 🤔

  6. MURTEK3

    Several vendors are holding ammo right now with the Russia/Ukraine conflict. I would buy at this price, sub 30 cpr hopes and dreams are all but gone at this point.

  7. Limited_opsec

    This is 100% identical to what was sold as golden tiger, FYI for fellow AK dorks.

  8. asrspr

    Free shipping disappears once I enter address. $24 shipping to VA.

  9. opossomSnout

    Yall have succeeded at scaring me. Picked up a case.

  10. wexfordmills129

    Bought 223 from them and had no issues.

  11. Sharpz214

    Told myself I was done buying 7.62×39 because I have north of 10k rounds. See this and realize there will be a time I won’t be able to get this anymore without paying a fortune. In for 1 more case.

  12. KirbyStyle

    This will never be $200 a case again…will it?…

  13. Guuyfleegman

    Just bought 1 case(cheaper cpr than buying 2).
    No tax plus shipping= 36.1cpr
    Shipping 2 cases would have INCREASED cpr
    Edit: 223

    Edit again:
    I called the number on the page and their IT department is going to refund me for shipping so it is free shipping for 223

    Edit again again:
    I got a call back looks like the free shipping was only for the 762 but the guy was super super nice

  14. Gravyboat6969

    Primers on these are harder or more recessed than tula for what it’s worth. My 7.62 guns have occasional light strikes with this ammo, never tula.

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  16. get_2_work

    Free shipping for the 7.62 only?

  17. Minimum_Government

    In for a couple more as always. Was debating it last night. I am really going to miss Vympel. 🙁

  18. jacksonsamualmcgee

    Fuck it, I’m in for a case 🤠

  19. turndown80229

    Why’s the picture show . 223

  20. Bambinorino

    If you need to upload documentation on checkout, make sure the file is small enough.

    Jesus I spent a lot on ammo this week

  21. romang12

    In for 1. Was going to wait for 7.62 to drop down more but not sure if it ever will.

  22. uhkayus

    With Russia playing bullshit games, in for one.

  23. bdubb83

    My ace has been a little neglected. Grabbed a case. No shipping or tax thanks

  24. there_is-no-spoon

    I got x39 free shipping and no tax last night. As op said you gotta add from the main page.

    Might be the last shot at Russian ammo for a while. Hopefully not though.


    I’ve never used steel case ammo before but for the sake of keeping my round count high I may actually pull the trigger on this. Is there any considerations for steel case as opposed to brass?

  26. TheChance916

    Is this more or less accurate than wolf / Tula?

  27. Sgt_Sodomy

    keep trying to add a second case, didn’t seem to want to let me, so i placed an order for one case with the intent of placing an order for a second case, but it doesn’t wanna let me do that, either, as now it’s a “duplicate order”

  28. bigfoot_76

    Also had to add to cart from main homepage as product page didn’t work after that order submitted. It took about a week last month to ship the same thing so hoping I’m earlier to the party this go around.

  29. [deleted]



    In for 2.

  31. ATF0PenUp

    What’s better? This or the 7.62×39 ammo offered by bucking horse outpost last week?

  32. rick4787

    In for 1. No tax/free ship to PA. Will pair well with my new M70. 👍

  33. skimlimmy

    Fuck it I’ll buy one

  34. eTizzle12

    Is this stuff corrosive?

  35. VForValkyrie

    Not getting free shipping to VA.

    EDIT: Called CS and their IT department fixed it. In for 2!

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