[Ammo] Brenneke TKO 12 Gauge Titanium Slug – $13.99

[Ammo] Brenneke TKO 12 Gauge Titanium Slug – $13.99


[Ammo] Brenneke TKO 12 Gauge Titanium Slug – $13.99

8 reviews for [Ammo] Brenneke TKO 12 Gauge Titanium Slug – $13.99

  1. jofizzm

    Say what now? The fuck you use titanium slugs for? Killing golems?

  2. ThousandPikes

    Sorry y’all. These are “TIN”, not titanium. They’d be much more expensive if they were. Our mistake.

  3. fingerhoe

    I coasted on reserves last year, looks like this year’s deer hunting is going to be expensive as fuck no matter what gun I use.

  4. so_fresh_

    Titanium is expensive and not heavy. There are heavier metals that are cheaper and safer for the environment. This makes no sense.

  5. PandaCatGunner

    I wonder how well 2100 fps for these fair against lvl 4 plates. Thats absolutely nuts for a 12 ga slug. The Brenneke Spec forces magnum absolutely ruins lvl 4 plates despite lack of penetration. I dont think what happens with the former is survivable based on YouTube videos.

  6. redsox985

    The description says it’s tin, not titanium. TiN stands for Titanium Nitride and is the ultra-hard gold surface coating you see on barrels and the like. That might be the source of the confusion?

  7. Puzzleheaded_Ad8317

    So are these considered ap?

  8. quickscopemcjerkoff

    Not titanium. Its lead free. Titanium would be very expensive and a bad option for a projectile because it is a lightweight metal. You want a dense material (like lead or copper) for a bullet.

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