[AMMO] ARMS 50173 5.56MM*45 62 M855/SS109 *CASE* 1000RD / $23.99, $64 after S&H

[AMMO] ARMS 50173 5.56MM*45 62 M855/SS109 *CASE* 1000RD / $23.99, $64 after S&H


[AMMO] ARMS 50173 5.56MM*45 62 M855/SS109 *CASE* 1000RD / $23.99, $64 after S&H

33 reviews for [AMMO] ARMS 50173 5.56MM*45 62 M855/SS109 *CASE* 1000RD / $23.99, $64 after S&H

  1. vapeswithanus

    Seller is gtg. Same day shipping, and the empty box I got looked exactly like the picture. 10/10

  2. Aaennon

    In for 1 cancellation I guess

  3. CampyTheTerrible

    No chance at all they honor this price. But if they do and I don’t get in on this, I’ll be kicking myself…

  4. YooserNahme

    I put it an order, whatever if they refund they refund.

  5. iwilltalkaboutguns

    So typo. There is no way this ever gets shipped.

  6. thegenericchen

    People gonna be pissed when then receive one box of ammo after spending $64

  7. Excellent-Hawk-4944

    Now we wait haha

  8. 86gwrhino

    yea, ok buddy

  9. BraveDrew

    Hell I gave it a shot, we’ll see! I can’t see how it would be an empty box bc they charged me extra shipping for bulk ammo.. worse case it’ll cancel, if it doesn’t I couldn’t not at least try

  10. DanTheCarbonMan

    Just got the cancellation email, lol.

  11. Goldemar

    This can’t be right. Am I missing something?

  12. spyderscales

    Just got my cancellation email

  13. twowords_number

    In for 1, $66.06 shipped (??) to PA lol

  14. nakimar

    in for 1 – might as well try and see if they don’t cancel

  15. BraveDrew

    Well OOS now. Either a lot of you gambled with me here, or they figured it out

  16. callmelandfill

    lol they changed the address so that it no longer directs to the page.

  17. SWAG0DL3G3ND

    Order canceled

  18. cdillon42

    You agree that any order you place on the Guns.com Site is an offer to buy all Products listed in your order, subject to these Terms of Use. All orders are subject to acceptance by Guns.com and Guns.com is under no obligation to accept any order or otherwise sell the Products to you. Guns.com may choose, at its sole discretion, not to accept orders, even after we send you a confirmation email with your order number and details of the items you have ordered. NO SALE OF A GUN IS COMPLETE UNTIL THE GUN HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED BY AN FFL DEALER TO THE PURCHASER IN ACCORDANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAW AND ALL APPLICABLE REQUIREMENTS OF THESE TERMS OF USE HAVE BEEN SATISFIED. If the FFL Dealer is unable to transfer a Gun to a Buyer in accordance with applicable Law, see Section 5(i) below.

    They are definitely gonna cancel

    Still bought one incase lol

  19. PlzNotThePupper

    Do I even waste my time trying?

  20. Dr_C0x

    In for one, I’ve made worse gambles I guess.

  21. BraveDrew

    Don’t worry folks! It was canceled.. lol just got my email

  22. smokeeater218

    I don’t trust it

  23. DanTheCarbonMan

    I wasted my time trying.

  24. TacWerx

    I’m for 1 just in case they honor their eff up. Hahah

  25. AlmostHonestAbe

    It’s probably 23.99 per case in the box. Box contains 50 cases. Should be closer to $1,200.00 for the box. I would expect no less from guns.com

  26. thrsnospn

    They pull the listing?

  27. weatherbys

    Cancelled and immediately refunded

  28. KJH317

    Order cancelled 🙁

  29. coolusername_bro

    Yep, canceled

  30. thrsnospn


  31. caldotcom

    Order canceled. 10k rounds was too good to be true.

  32. NeopolitanLol

    I went ahead and went in for 2 just in case it gets honored. It says 1000 rounds so it’s not just the box plus the bulk ammo shipping charge shows it’s not just the box. At worst I wasted 2 minutes attempting to get a crazy ammo deal.

  33. TalkinAboutIT

    Thanks, got 1 for myself and 10 for my wife’s boyfriend!

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