[Ammo] 9mm Norma 1000 Case $495 Shipped

[Ammo] 9mm Norma 1000 Case $495 Shipped


[Ammo] 9mm Norma 1000 Case $495 Shipped

11 reviews for [Ammo] 9mm Norma 1000 Case $495 Shipped

  1. NotoriousDVA

    If the market stabilizes at 49.5 cpr, is this the new norma?

  2. she_said_its_fine

    Yes for including shipping in the price. No tax added from I see is also great. In a clinch that would be a fair deal.

    I’ll HOLD as long as I can for the time being.

  3. AreWeCowabunga

    Is this stuff any good? I just bought my first 9mm and got a bunch of this to feed it as it was the cheapest new brass available.

  4. Never_fucking_curses


    Edit: 50 cents per round is as low as I’ve seen these days. Just hoping it continues to creep lower.

  5. nine_square_grid

    Ship to NY?

  6. mapguns

    White box Norma for an ok price with free shipping.

  7. onlyway_2a


  8. revvupthosefryers

    Love all the neckbeard preppers who downvote these to hell because they got a good deal 3 years ago. If you don’t want/need to buy just move on. Some people want to shoot now.

  9. ScorpionHere


  10. PaulRyansWifesSon

    Here’s .40cpr browning fmj but you can only buy 2 boxes of 50:


    Still hodling

    Edit: holy shit nvm on my link, it looks like they want $25 for shipping lmao. Anyone have any coupons?

  11. Existing_Flow7762

    This is listed as bi-metal. You can’t shoot this at an indoor range right?

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