[AMMO] 9MM LUGER FMJ 124 GR GECO – QTY 50 $16.49 (33cpr), free shipping over $200

[AMMO] 9MM LUGER FMJ 124 GR GECO – QTY 50 $16.49 (33cpr), free shipping over $200


[AMMO] 9MM LUGER FMJ 124 GR GECO – QTY 50 $16.49 (33cpr), free shipping over $200

33 reviews for [AMMO] 9MM LUGER FMJ 124 GR GECO – QTY 50 $16.49 (33cpr), free shipping over $200

  1. Crapricornia

    This place ships to Chicago (not a ton of places do) so to my friends in the area, this is pretty decent. Also they charge tax but only the sales tax, not the additional Cook County 0.05¢ per round tax. So if you grab 13 boxes it’s about 0.36¢ a round.

  2. Teufel_hunden0311

    Now do .556

  3. JohnDoethan

    Yep 35cpr.

    13 makes it over 200 btw

    Finally a not complete shit “deal”

    229.xx shipped to FL.

    330 +tax for a cube.

    Brace for the hug.


    13 boxes = $235.80 shipped to Crook County, IL.

  5. Natural_Till6855

    When I loaded up the website it said orders over $350 are free shipping so I only got 10 then realized it was really $200. Well I’m a dumbass

  6. KGb_Voodo0

    I remember getting 1K of this for like $180 or something in early 2019 I think, hurts bad seeing this but not bad for the current times

  7. Bromine__Barium

    Is this magnetic?

  8. Israel_Gynesanya

    Don’t even have a 9mm and I’m in for 13

  9. UNSC_Fleetcom

    In for 13!

    I’ve started switching over to 124gr now for plinking, too many of my guns don’t like the lighter 115gr so once I’m done with my current stash 124gr will be my lightest 9mm weight.

  10. Vinsight_

    231.52 shipped to TX for 13 boxes

  11. chiefteef8

    This has been my ammo 9mm connect for the past 6 months or so, maybe more. Prrobably gotten at least 1000 rounds from them so far, no issues. Although I’ve been getting the Norma, which is a few cents more, they just added the Geco a few months ago. Their 5.56 isn’t terribly priced either(for these days)

  12. LowValueAviator

    I feel like this is only like 5-7 cpr. over the “new normal” prices we’ll get on the other end of the current panic. I’ve been out of 9mm for a year so for me it’s a buy.

  13. WilllOfD

    Heads up this might not be 100% geco, over on r/mp5 people were getting white box Geco with JAG on the brass (head stamp?)

    Seems to be loaded by JAG with geco reloading components? So a decent deal? But not as good as people are thinking

  14. rollpi

    35cpr after tax. Ive skipped out the last couple times on these ammoshop deals. Ill bite this time, in for 13.

  15. InterestingCraft3

    229.37 shipped to FL

  16. dynomight82

    Why this over the norma for .01 more? Or are they of equal quality?

    Edit: .01 more

  17. WeeTaWDiD

    I just bought a Glock 19x and needed some 9, in for 13 $230 to Florida

  18. _Wango_Mango_

    $232.32 shipped to Vegas. In for 16

  19. DrKDB

    Not bad at all. 35cpr for 13 boxes to FL.

  20. bobsburner1

    This or the ruag at 16.99?

  21. topohunt

    In for 12 of the nato stuff

  22. Styx3791

    Well crap. There goes 200 bucks. At least ammo is pretty inflation-proof.

  23. kccustomar

    214.37 shipped to MO. Couldn’t pass.

  24. therefiller

    Picked up 13. Thanks OP.

  25. DubsFan30113523

    $227 for 13 shipped to Kentucky, this is the best deal I’ve seen in a long time

  26. Btafoh5

    Ordered shortly after this was posted 3 days ago and already have it in my hand. 227$ shipped to GA

  27. YoDavidPlays

    9mm will go lower…Till another youtuber makes a video named “Another BAN!?!😱😱”

  28. Ammo_Cat

    Ammo makes a great inflation hedge. Not going to get any cheaper than this thanks to the government printing press….. Buy tangible goods/assets with those government debt notes you are paid in while they still have some value.

  29. SoundOf1HandClapping

    Son of a bitch. Ordered some during the weekend for $17.49 per 50. Only $0.02cpr difference, but dammit.

  30. Thomas_peck

    Oh the days of brass $170 cases…

    I miss those days.

    I fear things will settle at $240-260 when the fog clears.

    Wait, I reload for sub $100/case so I only slightly care. Muhahahahahaha

  31. Yurr_Goose

    I’ve never heard of this company, does anyone have experience with it?

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