[Ammo] 9MM LUGER 124GR FMJ NORMA RANGE & TRAINING – QTY 50 $14.99 30CPR Free shipping over $150

[Ammo] 9MM LUGER 124GR FMJ NORMA RANGE & TRAINING – QTY 50 $14.99 30CPR Free shipping over $150


[Ammo] 9MM LUGER 124GR FMJ NORMA RANGE & TRAINING – QTY 50 $14.99 30CPR Free shipping over $150

28 reviews for [Ammo] 9MM LUGER 124GR FMJ NORMA RANGE & TRAINING – QTY 50 $14.99 30CPR Free shipping over $150

  1. Kahamu

    So close to breaking the 30c barrier

  2. Package_Objective

    Crazy most competitors can’t even keep up with this price for steel case

  3. OkExplanation2979

    I bought 650 at their previous offer for $15.75/box. This is the lowest they’ve had it. Fast delivery, no issues, they shoot great. Norma is really going for it, no one has lower pricing. The ammo is made in Hungary.

  4. hkywill

    Norma shoots well. I use their MHP loads in my carry gun.

  5. Tuco86x

    Also have the spicy 9MM LUGER 124GR FMJ NORMA ENVY PCC – COMPETITION AMMO – $16.50


  6. FiXXiNS213

    Here is a %5 off coupon for you animals p12ageiukdg7snq

  7. Stpbmw

    Thanks! This is the most I’ve spent on fmj but feel there is a real possibility it may not get much lower than this again.

  8. BrassEnthusiast1

    ~~Alright, Happy Black Friday you animals. I just got an order of this in today and they include a coupon code for 5% off in the box. First person to see this gets to use it:~~


    ~~Its unique and only works once. Enjoy~~


    claimed in the 223 post

  9. mrFirearmThrowAway

    Fuck it, in for a case.

  10. jas280z

    In for a case. Their policy requires it goes to an FFL holder in NY. Fingers crossed they choose to accept my 03 FFL and send it straight to my door.

  11. Gnido777

    When this one sells out, ammo shop online still has some Geco 9mm brass for about the same price ($4 difference for a 1000rds). Same manufacturer and I believe both websites are owned by the same company. Ordered from AmmoShopOnline in the past and had no problem except for poor packaging.

    [ASO Geco 9mm](https://www.ammoshoponline.com/shop/caliber/handgun/9mm-luger/new-product-promotion-30-off-9mm-luger-brass-fmj-115-gr-geco-qty-50-free-shipping-insurance-on-orders-over-200/)

  12. jf00

    I ordered on the last 9mm deal from Norma and my 1k rounds got delivered back to Norma. They have no clue why that happened to me (and according to the rep a handful of others). Still waiting on it to be shipped back out to me :/

  13. taipanfang

    and just like that Im good for a few months. Thanks OP

  14. MDEChad69

    In for 20 boxes

  15. Bitterbitchybetty

    Any feedback on reloading this brass ?

  16. t_rob1108

    Question for you folks.

    Say I was gonna have a family member get me some of this and the .223 they have on sale for a Christmas gift.

    Would it be best to send it now with this deal or hodl and hope for better prices before Christmas? I haven’t been in the game long enough to make the right call here, I started this journey last year so all I know is covid pricing trends.

  17. lazor_22

    Picked up 250 rounds along with 450 of .223 this morning. Definitely the cheapest I’ve seen for both in brass since not long into all the panicking last year

  18. Cole_Cash_Grifter

    fuck! i ordered last night when it was 17.99 because i thought that was their black Friday price.

  19. Anarcha0s

    Picked up 11 boxes. Thanks op

  20. Destitute_Ungulate

    Anybody else’s order showing as “on hold” ?

  21. austnf

    Anyone else not get a confirmation email yet? Maybe it takes a while?

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  23. ThePureRay009

    bought 12

  24. KJK998

    In for 15 boxes

  25. cryptodad81

    Was checking daily the entire week, glad it’s cheapest now. Picked up 1k 9m and 1.5k 223

  26. DanGTG

    Are these packed as 20 boxes/1,000 rounds per case?

  27. austnf

    In for 550. Thanks dudes!

  28. The-Old-Prince

    i need them to get rid of tax and i’m sending

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