[Ammo] 7.62×39 BRASS Belom Tactical 123 Grain Full Metal Jacket 480RD Case no shipping (tax IL) $.35cpr shipped

[Ammo] 7.62×39 BRASS Belom Tactical 123 Grain Full Metal Jacket 480RD Case no shipping (tax IL) $.35cpr shipped


[Ammo] 7.62×39 BRASS Belom Tactical 123 Grain Full Metal Jacket 480RD Case no shipping (tax IL) $.35cpr shipped

40 reviews for [Ammo] 7.62×39 BRASS Belom Tactical 123 Grain Full Metal Jacket 480RD Case no shipping (tax IL) $.35cpr shipped

  1. MarcusDohrelius

    * Boxer primed, new brass

    * PPU sister company, Serbian

    * Non magnetic, no bi-metal jacket (supposedly, from description elsewhere, “jacket is made of solid brass, and its lead alloy core is similarly steel-free”)
    * Not a bad price for brass x39 ammo, even historically. Fiocchi, PMC, PPU, and other brass cased 7.62×39 (non corrosive, not berdan primed) has been 30-75c a round for years, depending on variant.

  2. thro117

    Wow, I’ve seen higher ppr with steel. Looks like the indoor range is back on the menu.

  3. BigC0ffinHunt3r

    In for a case, been a LONG time since I’ve seen brass at this price!

  4. B4njoneil

    Wow. Better price for this than some steel case that I’ve been grabbing here and there. Nice to not have to sneak in any steel to my range

  5. BrambleVale3

    Good post OP!

  6. TacticalPenisPump

    Back up again. 50 left. Get it boys.

  7. GNUtoReddit

    It’s Brass guys… I held, but I’ll bite for Brass. Thanks OP!

    Now show me .25 for steel.

    Nature is healing

  8. Various_Primary3783

    You savages!!!! When I posted this there were over 40 cases, now 15 mins later 7 left!!! Blast away boys!!!

  9. Ded_man_3112

    Love this ammo, but the containers are cumbersome to open. However, I can’t seem to make myself throw them away and reuse them like tupperware for loose 7.62×39 ammo

  10. rtmacfeester

    Hmmmm. 35cpr for brass?

  11. gumby36psi

    Hmmm nice

  12. throbbing_snake

    Why would you want brass case?

  13. toxic9813

    I hate ranges. Telling me what I can and can’t shoot, how to shoot, how fast I can shoot, and what ammo I’m shooting… I’m just gonna keep running steel case with bimetal jacket without range Nazis ordering me around.

  14. Dumb_Ish69

    oos already

  15. dissmani

    OOS. But, keep watching. the .223 posted from them went back in stock with like 2 a few hours after it went OOS before.

  16. johnhd

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s back in stock.

  17. Icarian_Diver

    Back in stock again; just bought a case. Seems like they got 15 or so remaining but they’re going fast, though this is like the fourth “restock” this afternoon based on the comments.

  18. i-am-gumby-dammit

    I don’t need brass so I will not take it from those who do and wait for cheaper steel.

  19. Various_Primary3783

    For those of us that actually shoot and train I thought was decent. Also, acceptable for indoor ranges.

  20. cdillon42

    how bad do aks chew up brass? bought this for indoor and to reload sub sonic

  21. caliwacho

    Cheaper than 9mm at my LGS in CA

  22. Preact5

    I’m really frumpy and upset I missed out on this. This is my favorite ammo

  23. crimsonperrywinkle

    I’ve seen this is some hotshit ammo. You’re a fuckin broooo

  24. joeldworkin307

    Back in stock

  25. KillCensorship

    Never bought brass even before cockblock-19, is this a deal for non corrosive?

  26. Unlikely_Account_866

    Steel bullet and steel core if you look at their website.

    124g is their brass jacket, lead core (yes, brass is listed as the jacket, not copper
    123g is their steel core with steel jacket and “brass gilding”

  27. KirbyStyle

    Interesting. Still expensive. Is brass cased 7.62 even worth it?

  28. Travy-D

    I want this, but don’t need it right now. Good find, I’d totally buy if I hadn’t already stocked up.

  29. ScorpionHere

    Please advise, is this good ammo to buy?

  30. Various_Primary3783

    Bot oos

  31. goldeNIPS


  32. scarface2887

    Getting a case just in case

  33. crazypeoplewhyblock

    Oos 🙁

  34. tptips420-69

    Poop. Missed it.

  35. Limited_opsec

    The world is healing!

  36. captain_borgue

    Damn, that’s a good price. Especially for brass.

  37. Mjedzi102812

    Love Belom, their 9mm and 7.62×39 have been amazing!

  38. bsdavis8854

    Was this direct from them or a certain website

  39. Derby-47-74

    Oh it’s brass awesome I’ll buy NONE. HOLD DUMMIES.

  40. GMoneyJetson

    Nope. Edit: I’m holding out, but this is a decent brass price.

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